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Grumman A-6 Intruder

Review: Trumpeter 1/72 A-6A Intruder Review

1/48 Hobby Boss A-6A – “Flight of the Intruder”

This build was using the 1/48 Hobby Boss A-6A and building as the aircraft portrayed in the 1991 Viet Nam era movie “The Flight of the Intruder. The model itself was detailed using Eduard’s “BigEd” photo etch set as well as self [...]

1/48 Hurricane IIc, night intruder, Karl Kuttlewascher

This is my interpretation of Karl Kuttlewascher's Hurricane IIc 'Night Reaper'. Again, it's a night intruder scheme that has been hotly debated for many years, with no definitive answer, most likely a transitional scheme at the time of [...]

1/72 A-6 IntruderFrog kit F272

When I started this Frog Yellow Series F272 kit, it must have been back in the mid ‘80s and this Frog/Hasegawa mold may have been the only A-6 Intruder tooling in 1/72 at that time. Cockpit….what cockpit? There isn’t even a [...]

1/72 Italeri – KA-6D Intruder

Well, I gave word not to do any other Italeri kit, but... I got this kit on scale model competition and I did it as a joy build, but with much, much putty, bad fit, holes... I finished it in a matter of few days with a little bit [...]

1/48th Revell EA-6A

Here's my attempt to build the Revell EA-6A Electric Intruder. I always liked the black tail markings with the white 'CY' and the Playboy bunny used by VMCJ-2 (and later re-designated VMAQ-2). I've had that Revell kit in my stash for quite [...]

1/48 Revell A-6 Intruder

Built a long time ago straight out of the box except for the sewing needle pitot on the tail and decals from... Somewhere!

KD-6 Intruder, Italeri 1/72

Just finished this beautiful and one of my favorites airplanes, the famous Intruder in KD version; had to fill some gaps but was a fun build. This KD-6 kit by Italeri is highly recommended Enjoy the pictures.

1/72 Fujimi A-6E “Sunday Punchers”

Fujimi "Sunday Punchers" Boxing of their wide range of A-6's in 1/72. Straight from the box with kit decals, which weren't the best (as usual with Fujimi) and were very thick and difficult to comform to compound surfaces.

Monogram/Revell 1:48 A-6E Intruder

A-6E of VA-115 (Eagles), Atsugi Naval Air Station, 1996. I saw the movie, Flight of the Intruder, in 1991 and I was immediately hooked on the A-6. Yeah, it was a cheesy movie with over the top lines but the real history underlining the [...]