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Warburton's Maryland, 1:48

April 30, 2016 · in Aviation · · 19 · 7.2K

I am very proud to introduce you my new build - Warburton's by in the scale 1:48.
Although I started one year ago, the kit is not bad. I spent a lot of time to other activities and to searching the resources.
Negatives of the kit are:

  • wrong placing of all hangings for rudders and ailerons, they are not symetrical placed on each side (it is not a problem until you try to cut them off).
  • resin engines don't fit into cowls, prepare for sanding them a lot
  • parts separating the engine from air inlets in the cowls are completely wrong, the have to be replaced
  • bad fitting of all transparent canopy parts.
  • bad fitting of wing and fuselage, wing is thinner than the area on the fuselage.
  • missing small lights - position, formation lights
  • panel lines are shallow, disappearing.
  • plastic material is very soft, scratch-friendly
  • too large gun holes, filled and smaller ones drilled again.
  • very poor cockpit equipment (this is big disadvantage as this could be the most interesting part of the aircraft.

Despite all of this, the kit can be finished quite quickly without an enormous effort. Just be careful and patient. Good resources are a must, some scratchbuilding in the cockpit is needed to achieve at least some satisfying result.
I opened bomb bay as I have got good pictures for this part.

I have point one more thing. I have used different green color in the camouflage than manufacturer recommended. I did not find a word, what colours this Maryland has been painted. I decided to not use Khaki recommended in the manual, I rather used standard green colour used in french air force, as they used Khaki just as an alternative colour and other manufacturers of this type recommend different colours. There is clearly no agreement what is correct...

Recommended book:

  • Martin 167 Maryland from AJ PRESS

I hope you like this build, next one is famous Phantom from Eduard... So, I am going back to my beloved navy.

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  1. Very nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ I finished mine some years ago and loved it. I had the same fit problems with the engines.
    Weathering was great fun. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great job on yours.

    So far I have read a lot about it kit.
    and all of which build SH Maryland.
    They mentioned the tears of sweat and more ...short run kit.

    Like Warburton plane is wel very famous

  3. That is a beautiful, very well done model. I did not know a kit was made of this interesting but not so famous aircraft. Thanks for sharing. The photos are great too -

  4. I can but concur with the above observations, Martin...a nice result, despite all the negatives mentioned. Looking forward to the F-4 (one of my favorites).

  5. Martin, great work.
    I think this kit was originally by Fonderie Moderne before Special Hobby took it over. Their products (FM) were known for requiring lots of elbow grease and judicious applications of the coarse file and sanding media. They did make interesting stuff nobody else did, that was the tradeoff. Their F-11F springs to mind.

    • Thanks, I have got one Ca-13 Boomerang from SH too, I hope it is not the same manufacturer. ๐Ÿ˜€ Otherwise... yeah and Boomerang is soooooo nice!... i am going to check the box, I must see it. :))

  6. Haven't you displayed this model in Moson? In my eyes it was a real eye-catcher, and the chipping looked exquisite indeed!

    • Hi, yes, it was displayed in Moson, you have very good eye and memory :), I had to finish it till that day, because I promised my wife ๐Ÿ™‚ So, I should also say thanks to her.

      • Many thanks to you both then for producing such a great piece ๐Ÿ™‚ Let's make sure to meet up at the next year's Moson show.

  7. Love it! I've got a 1/72 Frog kit of the Maryland (only one I could find) and think I like the scheme you used. Weathering looks great (and some good weathering might help me hide the underlying Frog kit...!).

    Never heard of Warburton so may have to research a bit. What are the two grey colors you used (underside, and topside grey)?

  8. The markings on the aircraft are interesting. The fuselage stripe and the squadron insignia on the vertical stab are Vichy French. So is the scheme.
    Is this an aircraft that deserted to the British, or was it captured, perhaps in Syria or Madagascar? Acquired before the "pyjamas de Vichy"- yellow painted cowlings, vertical and horizontal stabs, with red stripes- were applied. The white stripe is the earliest form of the armistice airforce markings.

    • I think this one was flown to Gibraltar before France surrender and later was allocated on Malta. For me this one is interesting due to heavy worn surface and a strong story behind.

  9. Nice build Martin, interesting story to.
    Thanks mate.
    Well done sir.

  10. Very nice, excellent weathering

  11. FABULOUS build of a beautiful bird. Nice going. LOVE the Maryland. And wasn't Warburton something too?

  12. (With apologies to "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"):

    "Fit? Fit?! We don't need no steenking fit, steenking modeler!"
    --- MPM Industries.

    Nice work turning dogmeat into steak.

  13. Gorgeous colour scheme perfectly executed.


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