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North American XA2J-1 >Super Savage

May 29, 2016 · in Aviation · 9 · 2.7K

Hard to believe but this almost unknown version was planned and ordered by the Navy even before its predecessor the first production AJ-1 was completed. 3 of this massive airframes were ordered, 2 for test-flights and a third one for static tests. Powered by the troublesome Allison T40-A-6 turboprop engines it suffered a short test life, with only one of the prototypes ever flown.

The model is from Anigrand, made entirely from resin. This kit is not the easiest to build and requires some experience with this kind of material. With the help of some additional details and a slightly complex paint job by using several shades of Alclad it finally turned into a rather nice model.

Next time I’ll show you its predecessor

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  1. You did an AWESOME job on a very difficult kit. Well done Rene it looks great!

  2. Another "first" for me, Rene...never seen one before. Nice work indeed!

  3. Rene, looks sinister, even in NM. Great result, I can imagine it was a brute to whip into shape. Worthwhile, where/how else are we going to see one?
    Thanks for building her and letting us see it.

  4. Rene, what an exceptional looking model. I have been smitten.

  5. And they were planning to fly that monster off straight-deck Essex-class carriers. The Navy's way to compete with the AF for strategic bombing. This thing was ordered as it was in the midst of "The Revolt of the Admirals" in 1949 when naval aviation was fighting for its life while the Hair Farce was saying in the mist of 'service unification" after the creation of the Department of Defense that "if it had wings and flew, the crew should be wearing Shade-84 blue." This was the Admiral's argument against the B-36.

    Fortunately they came to their senses and ordered the A3D Skywarrior.

  6. Rene' you've done a marvelous job on a difficult kit, on one of those "what were they thinking" designs. I do have to admit it looks cool with those huge squared off, counter rotating props. Very nice !

  7. Unusual to say the least. great work.

  8. I saw a Savage in a book I was browsing through at Barnes and Noble a few years ago. Had to get one, so found the Mach2 injection molded kit in 1/72. I love the lines of the Savage, but had never seen this variant. Like it very much, and you did a great job on it! Not sure I can be persuaded to take on a resin kit though, so will probably not add one of these to my collection!

  9. Great model. Anigrands are not the easiest builds as I heard You made a great job. This airframe is handsome and interesting especially in this NMF.

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