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CAC CA 18 Mk 23 Mustang, A68-125, 77 Sqn RAAF, Pusan South Korea 1951.

June 27, 2016 · in Aviation · · 32 · 2.1K

new tool, my third , I modified some rivet holes and a few other things and filled some wing panel lines, finished in MM enamels with Future over AIMS decals, one of four Mustangs along with North American Mustangs flown in Korea.

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  1. Sweet. Looks like a decent kit, how was the cockpit? Any detail or very sparse?

  2. Nice little build, Allan...that spinner/prop really "stand out" - well done.

  3. Model very accurate. But in my opinion there is no blackout of jointing.

    • Do you mean you'd like to see the panel lines in a dark wash?

      For me, panel line washes are often overstated - too much discolouration to be accurate, and the issue might be more pronounced with the Airfix tooling, known as they are for 'trenching' the lines - in real life they'd be a hand's width!

      Anyway, just my opinion.

      Great effort, Allan.

      • Thanks Rob, I agree, panel lines are so often over emphasized, they are quite nice on this kit, the only issue is the rivet holes being lined up with the mold and not the surface of the model.

    • Thanks Dmitry, panel lines can hardly be seen on subject, natural shadowing on model lines is enough.

  4. Wow il est beau ! Magnifique ! Bravo!

  5. Very Nice! I have several Mustangs in stash, but not any of the new-tooled Airfix offerings. I may have to get one, as it looks really good!

    Did you go with a metallizer finish or just silver? Hard to tell...

  6. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A P-51 MUSTANG from the Korean War era, nice to se Allan .
    Looks fine and sharp, very good work and finish.

  7. Allan, did you figure the wings were puttied and polished? I know there's a debate about that. Looks like a really nice kit, compared to some I've seen and built. I remember the original Revell 72nd in the 60s. (shudder!) Great work!

  8. Nice job, love those new tool airfix.

  9. Good metal finish on this, Allan. Re the panel lines, I think they would be too heavy in 1/72, keep it as it is.

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    P.k said on June 28, 2016

    Nice build!

  11. Great looking Mustang. Like the RAAF the SAAF also used the Mustang in Korea. The exploits of these Mustang pilots, American, Australian and South African, are legendary. Well done on a great build and finish.

  12. Allan, Always enjoy a nice Mustang. Your panel lines look good. I have heard the landing gear is a little flimsy, did you have any issues on this one ?. It doesn't look like it. I ask because I have this kit in my stash and mine looks good, but I have heard the rumors.

  13. Very nice. 🙂

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