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Eduard Polikarpov I-16 Type 24

August 13, 2016 · in Aviation · · 21 · 2.1K

If anyone read my post about the Spitfire I posted in Egyptian markings recently you will remember my griping about the poor quality ,now it's time to eat my words because this little kit went together without a hitch.I only really wanted this in my collection because of the cool slogans on the sides,the writing in image#1 says "For Stalin" and in image #2 "Death to Nazi's" ,or so I am told by my Russian neighbour ,during the construction of this kit I managed to drop and then stand on the only clear part the little windscreen , I contacted Eduard via E-mail and explained what I had done enquiring how I could purchase a replacement and was sent one gratis within 5 days so hats off to Eduard.

This little aircraft looks almost comical like something from a Walt Disney animation of the time but from what I have read it was an extremely formidable opponent being robust and powerful if a little under provisioned in guns,as usual with early Russian stuff not much in the way of protection for the pilot but those Russkies are made of tough stuff.

There is an enormous number of colour scheme options and lots of little differences in detail, landing gear ,canopies etc so I will probably build another at some point,enjoy the pics ,N.

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  1. Great build, nice finish, another comical aircraft would be the F-2A Buffalo.

  2. Yep Buffalo, Boeing Peashooter, Polikarpov...N

  3. Turned out well...nice clean build, Neil.

  4. man you've been busy

  5. Not really Bob, I just haven't posted anything in a reeeeely long time,N.

  6. Green paint for model selected is not true.
    The right paint colors for the aircraft of the Red Army made here:

    • Can't read Russian alphabet, I used the colour Eduard called for ,if it's good enough for them it's good enough for me,maybe you should let them know .This might have been better as a private message.N.

  7. Nice Neil! What's not to love about the puggy-looking early fighters!

  8. Love the Russian stuff, with writing dedicating aircraft to the local village or factory. Great looking build here, Comrade!

  9. As Rob Royes put it, the Russian Buffalo/Peashooter.
    Nicely done mate.

  10. Good job.

  11. Beautiful Rata Neil ! 🙂

  12. Great "Rata!" Isn't that a nickname these little fighters were called? You have to hand it to the Russians: despite some Western "Expert's" opinions, Komerade can build some tough fighting machines!

    Very nicely done, Neil.

  13. And they built a lot of them! I always thought this looked like one of them 1930s racing aircraft. Gee Beeski. Is this the one they also called "Chato" (flat nose) in Spain?
    Nicely done, and the lettering turned out nicely.

    • "I always thought this looked like one of them 1930s racing aircraft." Gee Beeski !?! Hilarious!

      And you're right, Bernie - it DOES look like that!

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