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More Do-335 Madness

February 12, 2019 · in Aviation · · 14 · 2.8K
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Some progress on the Do-335. Encountered a few problems that arose from the brittle nature of the clear plastic. One of the wing fillets cracked and broke off in two places and had to be repaired. The landing gear is coming together quite nicely.I added weights to the leading edge of the wings in order to prevent it from sitting on its tail. I got a lot of c**p from people telling me that it wasn't going to work. Z-M recommends 50g or weight at the nose, but my calculations showed about 57g. I re-calculated the amount for the leading edge and added 20% more for a total of 127g. It works just fine. The instructions call for the very hideous RLM green for the gear wells and bomb bay, but I chose to make everything a natural metal finish since the plane at the Air and Space museum is that way. I painted the gear a mixture of Gull Gray, RLM 66 and white.

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  1. Taking shape nicely, my's gonna be a real winner, I can tell.

  2. That's quite a machine, George. The Z-M kit sure provides a lot of intricate detail, judging by the landing gear. They actually look pretty functional to me. The oleo portion doesn't look cast as one piece - is it actually fit inside the main shaft? It looks GREAT!

  3. George, I see your taking advantage of our horrible weather ! Your build is looking really nice. Its been fun watching this beauty come together. I also like your color choice on the landing gear and have to agree with the reasoning.

    • Hey Terry- Thanks. I have the heater cranked up in the workshop. The landing gear are coming together nicely. I used AK Xtreme Metal Chrome on the oleos, but most of that came off when I peeled the Tamiya tape off. I used AK's black base, too.

  4. That is looking pretty cool! I especially love the weathering you did on the landing gear struts and doors. Great work!

  5. Hey, this looks awesome even unfinished! 🙂
    Inspiring job indeed.

  6. Just keeps gettin' better!

  7. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    The model is coming out very good George, very impressive even at that stage.
    The engine work is very well done and impressive.

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