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SU-122 “Exploded View”

October 1, 2016 · in Armor · · 21 · 2.6K

This is the new kit of the Soviet self-propelled gun, the , promoted as the 'Initial Production' version in their WWII Military Miniatures Series.

MiniArt have released two versions of the kit, back-to-back - a standard kit, and then the one we find here, with complete interior. A model of more than 800 parts, the kit is not for the faint-hearted. It's often the case with high-parts armour kits that the parts' volume arises from the number of individual track links, but this kit has so much packed into it, the track issue is secondary.

To avoid completing all the intricate interior work, only to have it buttoned-up at the end, I've opted to suspend the various panels at extreme angles from the main body, which gives it more of an appearance of a piece of abstract art, perhaps, rather than a traditional armour model.

The version modelled is supposedly from the 5th Guards Tank Corps of the Red Army, Voronezh Front, August 1943.

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  1. Are you sure that it`s 1/35 scale Rob...
    Great work mate, a lot of detail OOB too as you said.
    Fantastic build.

  2. Great build and very interesting model. Crazy amount of parts - must be challenging to avoid the carpet monster ... Fine way to show detailed construction. Applause and cheers! Luckily you took the photos before the explosion 😉

  3. Nice piece of work there, Rob...must have taken quite some time to complete in such detail...not much room for any crew, is there!

    • Cheers, Craig. My original idea was to use a couple of female Russian tankers available from Miniature Park in Japan, and create a field workshop dio using a chain hoist from Accurate Armour, but the idea started to run away with itself, so instead opted for a simple standing view, as seen.

  4. Rob, I do admire your creative approach to modeling - now that you show this model it seems like just the right thing to do with an interior-detailed tank... and the result looks reminiscent of a sports car with hoods open. A big "like"!

    • Thanks, Martin.

      I think modellers are probably a little conservative by nature, and I suspect this sort of thing might not appeal to some people, but the practical comparison you've offered in the link makes a valid point about creative presentation apart from the build process per se.

  5. Rob ,how do find time to eat and sleep ? you produce amazingly detailed work on an industrial scale ,really nice job on this one (as usual!).

  6. This a great job, so much detail.

  7. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very keen work there Rob, this model really gives one the chance to see the inner works of this vehicle and shows your nice attention to detail, very nice job in total. Thanks for sharing the images.

  8. Wow, Rob !, this is really nice / interesting. The first thing I thought of was, "that is really some tight quarters" !. How many crew men were in this ?.
    Outstanding work Rob. A real museum piece .

  9. Really cool! Very creative way to display all the intricate detail, and give us non-armor folks a good look under the hood. As always, your work is very nicely detailed and weathered - pleasure to view, and gives a sense of the real thing.

  10. Hello Rob,
    Excellent build and display of this monster.
    Never seen it done before like this.

  11. Rob - Awesome! I've never seen one displayed this way. What a great way to do one!

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