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MiniArt 1/35, TIRAN 4 Sh, "Yom Kippur War"

Hello fellow modelers again. This time I took a short break on a large scale and made this model. It is a MiniAer 1/35 Tiran 4 Sh or the Israeli T-55. A model with a lot of parts, rather for advanced modellers. It took me as long to [...]

A truly rare bird: Flettner FL 282 "Kolibri" V23 as US-prize aircraft, summer 1945

I would like to begin my contribution to the presentation of the FL 282 with a personal thought: my approach to aircraft modelling is fed by several sources, as is probably the case with most of us. One of them is the fascination with the [...]

Advance on Kiev

Not much to say here really, tells its own story. -The bridge is from Mirage models, is basic but effective for what I wanted. -Barge is the old Verlinden kit that looks quite cool when put together. -Flak 38 is Dragon. -Kettenkraftrad is [...]

Lanz Bulldog D8506 - MiniArt - 1/35

Hello guys! Unfortunately I cannot access my account so I created a new one. This is my last work, a very nice kit from MiniArt. Highly recommend it!

Tiran 4, Mini Art 1/35

This is Mini Art Tiran 4 Late, with Friul tracks. Not an easy kit, but worth the effort. I painted it with AK Real colors IDF Sinai Grey, then weatherd it with many washes, oils, streaking etc. Taken with my new Canon Eos200D, I'm still [...]

Miniart 1/35th LGOC Type B Bus

Over the years ago have made the old Airfix B Type bus kit. Likely a bit of a rite of passage for many modellers I feel. When I saw Miniart bringing one out, thought why not indeed and got myself one. As always with Miniart somewhat over [...]

Wehrmacht Winter 1941-42

The persistent fog of Northern Italy has contributed enormously to the photos, I hope you like it and that it gives a feeling of cold

Miniart 1/35 Triebflügel

Hello, modelers I just finished my Triebflügel. This kit is very good and interesting. I painted it looks like a prototype. It just what if from my imagination. The ladder is made with round pla-stick. Thank you for your interest.

1/35 MiniArt Kfz.70 MB 1500A

Well well, what to say… what can one modeller say and try to stay polite… I’ve been fighting to get this model tooth and nail. Finally my girlfriend went to Germany and get mi one… this is two models in one from MiniArt; Kfz.70 MB [...]

The last war

Diorama a 1/35 de un mundo post apocalíptico con amenaza zombie