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MiniArt model kits

ICM 35451 German Truck KHD S3000 1/35

After reading about the (short) fights at Bridge Eleven during operation Market Garden I decided to build a German Truck. I didn’t manage to find out which German truck entered the bridge at Grave shortly after lieutenant Thompson and [...]

Review: MiniArt Republic 1/48 P-47D-30-RD Thunderbolt

The Republic P-47D-30, which appeared in the ETO during the fall of 1944, and was produced at both the Farmingdale and Evansville factories, was the first Thunderbolt sub-type to have the underwing dive brakes that prevented the airplane [...]

Review: MiniArt 1/48 P-47D-25RE "No Guts... No Glory!"

78th Fighter Group ground crewman Warren Kellerstadt recalled: “They didn’t tell us when D-Day was going to be, but the night before we could smell something in the wind. They closed up the base tight and wouldn’t let anyone on or [...]


Mini-Art kit It is finished straight except for the wire rope which is not included in the kit. It is a well-made kit and was fun to paint.

Review: MiniArt 1/48 P-47D-25RE Thunderbolt

The P-47D-25RE Thunderbolt went into production in the spring of 1944, following experimentation with a new full-vision “bubble” canopy in 1943 with the YP-47K, following Hawker’s development of such a canopy for the Typhoon. It [...]

Review: Is this the best Jug? Mini Art 1/48 P-47D 25RE Review

1:35 M19 Tank Transporter & D7 Military Dozer

This build has been a long time in the making. For years I’ve wanted to honor my grandfather’s service during World War II but have been unable to locate an AutoCar heavy truck model which he’s standing by in the photo. I know there [...]

1/35 MiniArt Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf. J

MiniArt brings us a lot of great models, Pz.Kpfw IV family is no excuse. In fact, MA covered almost any type of this famous Panzer. this one is no exception. In fact, this is a little bit odd one, this is MA’s Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. J [...]

Freedom Is Not FreeKorean War Veterans Memorial in 1:48 (Scratchbuild)

This is my entry to Louis' @lgardner GB on the Korean War. This year marks the 70th year of its ending in 1953. I first thought about building a scene out of the war itself but I then reconsidered after some reflection. For once, I did [...]

IDF 1/35 Tiran 4 and 5

During the 1967 and 1973 wars the Israeli Defense Force obtained sufficient numbers of T-54 and T-55s to equip several battalions. Ample spares were available from the tanks that could not be restored to operational condition. Many of [...]