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SU-122 self-propelled howitzer

Tamiya 1/48 SU-122 Assault Gun

History: The SU-122 was an assault gun based on the chassis of the T-34 tank. Its development began with an April 1942 specification for mobile assault guns using weapons of 122 mm or higher. The SU-122 was designed at the Uralsky Machine [...]

SU-122 “Exploded View”

This is the new MiniArt 1/35 kit of the Soviet self-propelled gun, the SU-122, promoted as the 'Initial Production' version in their WWII Military Miniatures Series. MiniArt have released two versions of the kit, back-to-back - a standard [...]

Tamiya´s SU 122 off to a new home

Decided to get rid of some models I have had for a long time, they will now go to a new home. The brown/green/black is a WhIF in Swedish camouflage and markings, as if used in the 1940s. The second one is painted using an illustration as [...]

Soviet Field Howitzer SU 122 (M-30) Italeri 1/35 kit

This was the first kit I built when I started about 10 years ago. I had done lots of research about proper construction and finishing and thought artillery with figures would give me a chance to try them out. I wrote down that it is [...]