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Oh no!... not another one of those snake Stukas.... Hasegawa 1/48 Ju-87R-trop

December 22, 2016 · in Aviation · · 20 · 2.9K

Finally finished this one- a battle royal. The day I started this Murphy's law became the law of my bench. As usual, Eduard P-E cockpit & masks were employed and decals were from Eagle-Cals.

I added a few things here & there- scratched the armored headrest with the butterfly opening & made the spring from the windings of a G string (not THAT kind... you know, from a guitar 😉 ). Plumbed, hung & wired the drop tanks, lopped off the silly triangle excuses for flap/aileron actuators, etc.

This one's not fit for a contest table. but at least it's done!

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  1. Very Nice Stan. From I can see I think it would be competitive at any show, Your paint work, and over all build looks great. I think its a real beauty ! ---- Well done !

  2. Looks good except you forgot the snake decal on the right side.
    Looks like a really fine job to me,up to the Traas standard. I learned a long time ago to admit to NO flaws if they are seen fine if not...:)

  3. Looks pretty good to ME, Stan...I like it.

  4. I think you did a fine job with it too ! I like how you replaced the flap and aileron actuating rods. Very nice indeed. Two thumbs up !

  5. I dunno I like the snake! Good job!

  6. Looks like neat work from here, is it supposed to have a snake decal on both sides of the fuselage?

  7. Well here's a thing.
    Only this week I dug-out all my decals for early Stuka's and found that I have this (Hasegawa) part sheet. I had NO IDEA it was in the decal stash.

    That said, do I really want to fuel the fire or should I simply build a BoB one from the upcoming Airfix kit ?

    Enough blah, blah, blah - Stan that's a great model, would look fine on any contest table and would look very comfortable in my cabinet !


  8. Flawless build and paint job. The snake is very attractive. Did the same aircraft some years ago.

  9. Don't apologise for 'down 'n dirty' - it adds character!

  10. Looks good from here Stan. Nice paint job too.

  11. I really like it as Well, great build!

  12. Looks great Stan !

  13. Hello Stan,
    Thanks for sharing this excellent build Stuka.

  14. Stan, beautifully done! I'd be proud to put it on a table, anyplace.

  15. Excellent. Well done. Also built this kit and it builds into a very good rendition of a Stuka

  16. A fine job, love the snake.

  17. Whatever charges were filed under Murphy's Law were obviously 'trumped up' but I think you must have been acquitted and fully exhonerated...what a wonderful job you've done on this, Stan - thanks for posting your beautiful work.

  18. Fabulous Stuka! Love the scheme, and the weathering and finish work looks great. Winner in my book.

  19. Beautiful work, the paint scheme is excellent.

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