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Allan J Withers
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Hughes TH 55 A, US Army Aviation School Fort Rucker Alabama 1964.

, I modified and replaced a few things, mainly the frames with stretched sprue, finished in Humbrol and MM enamels with Future over kit decals.

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  1. Nice little build, usually preface your short narrative with "...I modified a few things..." - perhaps some of us would be interested in a little more detail regarding the assembly process of your models. Just a thought. πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Allan,
    Job well done. Tiny, but very impressive.
    Regards, Dirk, The Netherlands.

  3. Great work and detail.

  4. Like!


  5. Allan, great work, on such a tiny aircraft. Nice and colorful, like a trainer should be.

  6. πŸ™‚ ... Greetings ... πŸ™‚ :
    Nice work Allan, for such a small size it sure has great details.

  7. Thats a lovely build Allan. Well done !

  8. Dainty little thing, and nicely done! I played a baseball tournament at Ft. Rucker back in about 1970 or 71...

  9. Nice little hell-of-a-copter, Allan! You do VERY nice work.

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