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Monogram D-335A4 Pfeil Luft'46

February 8, 2017 · in Aviation · · 13 · 1.7K

Another ? - Luftwaffe1946: After much drawn out fighting, the Germans finally capitulate.
Leaving behind items such as this D0-335 much abused & repaired Arrow. Replaced wing & lower fin in case you hadn't noticed!
Have fun & prosper!

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  1. If they had the fuel, and the pilots, this could have given the Allies fits. Heavy fighter-bomber and nightfighter.
    The Monogram kits just as good, IMHO, as the Tamiya(s).
    Nice work on one you don't see as much as you should. Great aircraft, bad cause.

    • I still really like 1/48 Monogram kits - Their F-101B is sublime & the F-106 was a work of art! Then conversely, the F-102 was quite mediocre? Different budgets & mold-makers I guess?~

  2. I'll have to look at my kit again, I didn't notice the boarding ladder was included!

  3. Nicely done Gary. I'm building this kit at the moment, to be finished as an "captured" RAF kite

  4. Gary, nice work on that boarding ladder, thanks to Josh for pointing it out. Been a while since I looked at mine. I remember when the kit came out.
    One of the prototypes was here at the Smithsonians restoration facility in Maryland sitting in the open for years. It went back to Germany and was restored by Dornier. Still there, I believe. Glad they saved one.

    • Hi Bernie, yeah, it's great they saved one but think of all the aircraft that flew in action but we don't have a single existing airframe anywhere?
      DH Hornet, Fairey Barracuda, RF-29G Techno-Flash (Okay, I made that last one up!)
      Cheers mate!

  5. Gary, God help me, but I read that the head of the U S Army Air Forces in WW II, General Hap Arnold, said we ought to save one of each significant aircraft from that conflict. Once he retired, stuff started to vanish. Local commanders don't want all that junk detracting from the painted rocks and neatness that is their forte.

    Down at the museum, we've got two AM-1 Maulers we're going to make one of. We also just got an Ercoupe that was in someones garage, and a twin Beech 45 that sat in the weeds at a local airport for years.

    We're doing our little part. $$$ and volunteers are always in short supply, and we ain't getting any younger.

    I conclude models are the answer, though I may have taken General Arnold a little too seriously.

    Flight magazine used to talk about the Scruggs Wonderplane, though I'm a fan of the Farley Fruitbat, cited once in a while on that other site.

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