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P47n Thunderbolt Revell 1/48

March 25, 2017 · in Aviation · · 31 · 2.6K

Hi guys,well here is my latest offering it is 's P47n, "2 big and too heavy / Short snorter".The P47n is the one with the larger wings to accommodate internal fuel tanks.

The kit went together nicely with no real hitches, the only complaint I have is the usual bugbear the decals or to be more precise the quality of the printing, if you look closely you may see that the girls on the artwork have hardly any facial features which is a shame ,I chose to paint the black and yellow chevrons rather than take the easy option and use decals and I think the finished build is much better for it.

Because this is a fairly basic kit I added after market resin wheels and gun barrels from True details.

So wadda ya think of 'er ?


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  1. Other than I will never get over Monogram kits with a Revell label...It is GREAT! Actually according to the book I read on Monogram Models, Monogram bought Revell which was failing and Revell/Monogram started appearing on the boxes. I then read elsewhere that at some point it was decided to just go with Revell because it was a more well known brand internationally. Anyway great build of a classic kit!

    • Thanks Rob, the B29 in 1/48 in my gallery here was labelled Revell/Monogram as well,we never really saw Monogram kits in the shops when I started in the hobby as a kid ,it was really just Airfix ,Revell and Matchbox in the U.K.

  2. Very neat work, Neil, especially those chevrons. Shame about the facial features!

  3. I...oh yeah there are some facial features. I was distracted by the french curves. There are only two 1/48 scale options for buying a P-47N. With the Academy kit being the easier to build and the Monogram example being a little more accurate. The Monogram kit is quirky with the gear wheel wells and the wing arrangement too. But, I like the end result Neil.
    You can never go wrong with girlie art and lets face it most guy's aren't looking at the face of the nude. Two thumbs up.

    • Hi Stephen,One of the decal options with the Academy offering is also "2 big and two heavy" and the decals are much better.I love WW 2 era noseart on U.S. warbirds, the top brass in R.A.F. at that time frowned upon it which is a shame.
      Thanks for looking,N.

  4. Looks really good. I'm beginning to prefer this over the Academy. Stephan's right, facial features aren't the draw, here. I also doubt that the person who did the noseart was classically trained in anatomy. That said, you could certainly tell what we were fighting for.

  5. Don't think I ever realized (duh) that the N's wings were bigger (I just thought the only difference were the 'clipped' wing tips. But now that I look closer, I can the that the elliptical shape of the classic Jug's wings aren't there. And you're right about the paint vs. the decal for the tail - looks a lot better that way. Nice work, Neil.

  6. "Jugs on a Jug" ! what's not to like !.
    Nice work on this Neil. Your updating on this somewhat basic kit has turned out very well.

  7. Oh, now I see there's a P-47 in the pics. Nice work Neil, glad to see it went together well as there's one in my stash. What did you use for the NMF?

    • Thanks for looking Tom, the silver paint was a U.K. car colour in a rattle can called Vauxhall star silver, the anti glare panel in OD is Tamiya acrylic and the Black and Yellow are Humbrol.

  8. Really striking finishes, Neil.

  9. Good to see you back, Neil!
    Good looking model!

  10. Very nicely the paint scheme.

  11. I really like this one Neil. I have the exact same plane, markings and all in my display case. However I used the decals on the tail stripes. I think yours look better with them painted. Great work Sir !

  12. Nice work, Neil! That paint job is amazing. Is it the famous Halford's auto colors that I read about on British sites?

    • John, I'm genuinely impressed ! it is indeed Halfords auto colours ,have a gold star and go to the top of the class you've been paying attention 🙂 .
      Cheers ,you made me smile with that one.

  13. Nice build Neil, I like the paint work, those chevrons look striking.
    As you said, shame about the decals though, especially the nose-art ones.
    Good to see you back mate.

  14. Cheers Simes,nice to hear from you pal .

  15. Looks great! Decals are always a bit iffy for those kinds of stripes, so glad you decided to paint - they look just right.

  16. Lovely build, Neil! You did a great paint job / masking job !
    Congratulations !
    The decals were a problem on mine as well, build fifteen years ago.

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