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Tamiya 1/48 Bf-109E-3

I started building this to be marked with the kit decals but a photo on the web blew me away.
This is more of a study in interpreting B&W colors than being correct so this is my take right or wrong. I messed up placing the wing roundels too far inboard. I've also included 's version which is the same as other kit builds I've seen. This is still in my brush painting phase.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Wonder what the yellow square on the port wing was all about...any idea?

  2. Oh, what a cool scheme. And it even had that gas detection patch on it...

  3. Nice one George. I had often wondered about the yellow patch. Cheers for sharing.

  4. Nice work - good interpretation.

  5. I think you've nailed it! Great job.

  6. Looks like a great interpretation to me! Nice alternative scheme for a 109.

  7. Thanks gents. I really enjoyed researching this one. After the French were done with this one (in French markings and the original white "1") it was given to the British, remarked and then pranged up a few times. This resulted in an E-4 replacement hood, new tail section and flap/aileron on the left side in Luftwaffe colours albeit faded. It was sent to the U.S., tested and then damaged beyond repair

  8. Interesting history & I like your take on the camouflage. I haven't seen the top view photo before. Looks really good George. Thanks for posting.

  9. Real classy job! 👌

  10. Very Cool George ! I really like this one... It has everything going for it.

    It's a 109... check
    It's in a very different paint scheme that you never see... check
    Well built ... check
    Looks good... check
    Original photos... check

    and on and on...

    Good job my friend.

  11. Nice job George, never seen one in that paint scheme. Cool

  12. Did the RAF have an equivalent to the German "Wanderzirkus Rosarius"? A group of captured aircraft that made the rounds of the squadrons to familiarize pilots with enemy equipment? Arnim Fabers FW-190A, as one example?
    This one landed in France early in the war, on their border with Germany, in error.

  13. P.k said on April 6, 2017

    I real LIKe markings!

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