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Scratch built 18 pounder field gun.

Scratch built 18 pounder field gun.Copied from a 1/72 kit four times bigger,1/18 scale.Made from pine and ply.

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14 responses to Scratch built 18 pounder field gun.

  1. As usual, a wonderful standard of craftsmanship here, Derek. I just love the transition between natural wood and your painting which seems to magically transform it to steel and iron.


  2. Very nice Derek
    You are inventing bio-modelling!
    I suppose you work with glues for wood ( avoiding cyanide glues)
    Do you use putty for plastic models or do you have some paste made for wood ?
    I’m looking forward to see a sail ship or who knows a 1/72 wooden hurricane built by you!
    Cheers and thks

    • Hi Kloster I use Evo Stick wood glue.When and if I put a plastic kit together I Use Revell plastic glue.Never use putty or wood filler.Sail ships have never appealed to me. I did make the. victory when I was a kid. I’v made a few Spitfires from wood but never a hurricane.Now there’s a thought.Many thanks Derek.

  3. Amazing to see this kind of work here! RESPECT Derek!

  4. Fabulous Derek, it gives me a whole new perspective on what is possible.I’m intrigued to see what your next project is.

  5. Impresionante Derek . Muy real

  6. An excellent job, a pleasure to view,
    Very well done!

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