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Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk XII

April 15, 2017 · in Aviation · · 23 Comments

Finished this up today so that my hobby tables would be available for Easter dinner (paint stains and all!) Have built 5 of the new tool kits in the past year. Had more issues with this one than the others. That being said I think this kit is comparable with the kits, except for the softer plastic Airfix uses. Kit decals and paints. Recommend you try one of the new mold Airfix kits if you haven't already. They have stepped up their game!

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23 responses

  1. Well...any "issues" certainly aren't apparent - nice lookin' build, sir.

    • Thank you! The wing / fuselage seam at the leading edge was not real good. Had to use some putty there. Also had a fit issue with the windscreen. No real problem, but I didn't find out til I went to attach it. Any other issues were builder induced! It really cleaned up nice and it is one of my better camo paint jobs.

  2. Very nice Dale, I have one in the stash. It's a shame this aircraft has limited squadron markings

  3. Nice work Dale, love the clipped wing Spitfires. And your right Airfix has really become excellent in their new moldings of late. Not perfect but the quality is very good. Now I need to get some as I only have their older stuff, not great but still build able. Thanks for sharing

  4. Dale, It has a extra large spinner and big [email protected]% engine bulging out at the seams, "What's not to like" !.
    Really nice build. I like it a lot !

  5. Hi Dale. Beautiful, beautiful. Airfix have done us proud with their Spitfire & Seafire range. All I want them to do now is a Mk. XIV. That would really be icing on the cake>

  6. very pretty Spit Dale

  7. Problems or not, it looks pretty neat from here.

  8. Excellent! A lot of folks don't care for the square wing tips, but I like 'em! Well done!

  9. Nice job, Dale. Nice tight paintwork.

  10. Beautiful Spit. !

  11. Thanks. Can never have too many of them!

  12. That's a great Spit! You're right - I'm gonna have to pull out a new-tooled Airfix kit soon...

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    said on April 17, 2017

    Nice spit.Good stuff

  14. This is a great looking clip winged Spit... I really like the paint too. It came out very nice.

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