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Video: REVELL F-15E Strike Eagle Full video build

1/72nd scale REVELL F-15E Strike Eagle Product number 03841, new tool. For more details about this REVELL kit, tools and paints from this video please visit: Disclaimer: I am NOT! being paid to promote this [...]

Video: The new Revell F-15E Strike Eagle 1/72 scale (Video preview)

New Tool, REVELL McDonnell F-15E Strike Eagle No. 03841 scale 1/72 For more details about this Revell kit, tools and paints from this video please visit: Disclaimer: I am NOT! being paid to promote this kit, [...]

Hasegawa 1/72 F-15C

This was a pretty straightforward build after the last F-15DJ franken-build. Added resin sparrows and the sidewinders were from a Hasegawa weapons set. Did a bit of overspray with thinned paint to lighten some areas and knock down the [...]

Review: Revell 1/72 F-15E Strike Eagle review

Hasegawa (x2) 1/72 F-15DJ Eagle Aggressor

This project took a few left turns. I had secured two Hasegawa F-15C kits over the years, either from ebay or from vendors at model shows. A few years back I saw a DMX decal set for Japanese F-15 aggressors, as the color schemes really [...]

McDonnel Douglas F-15C Eagle

After being away from modeling for over 40 years, I decided to pick my childhood passion back up again during COVID. My wife really encouraged me, so I jumped back in with a Tamiya 1/48 F-15C (one of my all-time favorite jets - she's [...]

Cursed F-15C Build

This build was cursed. That is all. Problems were mostly caused by my own clumsiness, not the GWH kit, which in terms of fit and surface detail is fantastic. Dropped the model, breaking a stabiliser and meaning I had to redo the first [...]

ROKAF F-15K Slam Eagle (Academy 1/48 Scale)

The F-15K Slam Eagle is a multi-role fighter aircraft manufactured by Boeing for the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF). It is an advanced variant of the F-15E Strike Eagle fighter. It can conduct long-range precision strike missions [...]

Great Wall Hobbies 1:48 F 15E Strike Eagle…

Great Wall Hobbies 1:48 F-15E Strike Eagle The D Score In The Box Packaging/Decals/Pubs: 7 ​The box has attractive and colorful boxart, and portrays the aircraft in a dynamic setting. The box is a standard, top opening box of good [...]

Academy F-15C Eagle.

Hi friends, here's my latest work, an F-15 C Eagle from Academy. I opted for the Alaska National Air Guard version. The kit had good quality, with good fittings, almost no use of puty for corrections. I chosed the black polyester base [...]