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F-100D Super Sabre 'Pahodee Tiger'

Hello all.
So here's my just completed 1:48 'Hun'. What a kit !, simply fell together with almost no input from me. Only additions are a Quickboost seat and Eduard pre-painted etch set for the pit - neither of which are actually 'needed', simply a concession to middle-aged sausage fingers !

Not too much to say about the actual machine except that it is said to be assigned to Don Kilgus' wingman in mid-1965, and despite my (and others) best efforts, just cannot find the name of the pilot. If the scheme is familiar, it may be because way back in the very late 1970's Esci featured it for their (quite awful) 1:48 kit as the box-art. For my model, I've used an ancient MicroScale sheet for all the stencilling and a more recent SuperScale sheet for the aircraft specific markings.

Overall aluminium paint is Xtracolour enamel, the heat-scorched NMF area around the engine is a combination of Alclad lacquers, AK Xtreme Metals and Tamiya clear blue & orange.

Thouroughly enjoyed every minute of this one. Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment. Next, a BoB Hurricane or AVG P-40.



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  1. Always liked the sleek lines of the F-100 - it looks fast just sittin' there. I think the best aircraft the Thunderbirds picked for their team colors was this one (I have one in a pre-painted desktop model). I did Trumpeter's 32nd version of the Hun in SEA colors a while back - nice kit.

  2. A fine job sir!

  3. Ian, that's a nice looking F-100, its always nice when the build goes well, really helps make everything else fall into place. Great looking paint scheme. Your finish looks very realistic. Well done !

  4. Ian, wasn't Don Kilgus the guy who possibly got a MIG? Inconclusive, he took a shot at one, which then vanished in the clouds.
    That is a good looking Hun, first of the Century series, first supersonic on purpose. Soldiered on when hotter stuff came along. Great to see one, and yours is a great example of the type.

  5. Hello Ian...Looks great with the sharkmouth markings. You did a fine job on the natural metal finish. Many modelers including myself find a finish like that hard to achieve. Very nicely done.

  6. Hello Ian,
    Job well done. The paint scheme looks fantastic.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  7. That's a very good looking Hun Ian.

  8. The Hun is one of my all-time favorites too. Very nice job on this one Ian! 🙂

  9. Great job! Agree with you, the Kit is simply amazing for his age!

  10. Beautifully done! I love the F-100. Your model looks great & very real.

  11. Stunning! My all time favourite Century series aircraft. You did an amazing job!

  12. What a great job! I like the natural look and finish and a great job on the "Hot tail parts" . Still something I have to try to get the colours right. Did you use the transparent blue from Tamiya straight from the bottle in this area, or was it thinned down? Just curious to know.

  13. The Hun is also my favorite Century bird - first assignment my dad had after finishing flight training - got some great air-to-air pics of Huns in the buff - which is the way they look best! You did a great job on the scheme - always challenging on the rear end, but leaves room for experimentation and creativity. You pulled it off nicely.

  14. Wow ! - Gentlemen, thank you for that. This response is fantastic... tbh, you've made me blush a little, cannot prove it of course, you just have to trust me.


    Addendum: I mentioned that my next build will be either a Hurri or AVG P-40, actually I'd forgotten that I'm building the Airfix Spit Vb that I won here a couple of years ago ! - give me a couple of weeks and the 'iM Spitfire' will be ready !

    • You could start building a "Kittyhawk" in mid June...along with your AVG P-40.
      I just had to throw a plug in there for the "Year of the Cat' Group build that should be starting up soon. 🙂 🙂 😉

      • Ha ! - I do have an AMT P-40N with RNZAF markings close-to-hand. But tbh, I think 'Kitty'hawk is pushing the whole cat thing to its' limit. If I could find a Tamiya Jag Mk2 at a reasonable price, I'd definitely build that... or maybe do the only WWII German tank that really excites... a Panther.

  15. This is really neat how you achieved the burnt metal effect on the rear of the fuselage where the engine is. It looks very realistic. Two thumbs up Sir. I really like it... everything about it.

  16. very nice. Bravo

  17. I can only add another piece of praise for this model, Ian, it really is nice. I'm also on the lookout for a Mk 2 Jaguar kit...

  18. Just looks fantastic Ian. You're absolutely right; this is one of Trumpeter's best. Thanks for sharing>

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