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M4 Sherman (early production)

May 31, 2017 · in Armor · · 17 Comments

Hi new month,new model,well almost I have been working on this one for some months, keep digging it out and putting more on or a little more detail,thought I would put it up for show then I may walk away from it,I do this with my builds,put them on the shelf then come back after time and look at them with fresh eyes(well same old eyes,but you know what I mean)This is a kit with Master box figures,and some items from my spares box,I added some mesh on some figures helmets,and mesh around the Turret,saw this on a real tank they had all their gear hanging from it,the sand bags I made from modelling clay and fine fibres of cloth,some of the figures had to go to the plastic surgeon,in my case a candle so they could conform to the tank shape where I wanted to place them(and no wise cracks that is not Tom Hanks,but that is Matt Damon on the side)I posted some real tank riders found on line this is what gave me the idea,I do have another but bought this one for this idea alone,well happy trails,and may your modelling continue.Cheers.

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17 responses

  1. I like it...nice work on the "passengers" (you sure that's not Brad Pitt instead of Matt Damon?). 🙂

  2. A real masterpiece! Maybe it's Oddball 'No more negative waves man, Woof Woof !'

  3. I really like all the extra detail you've added and the figures are great.

  4. Thanks George,was going to call it taxi,or call for a Taxi,You know what I mean!

  5. Jim, this is another wonderful model you've done! Your humourous take on it is really great. As your pictures show, anything that moved with wheels or track got "hangers-on" stuff or folks. During Desert Storm our tanks looked like gypsy wagons, with all the junk we carried - not infantry like your tank, but in our case we sure were loaded down!
    Love your tanks, Jim!

  6. Jim, what did you use for the mesh you put on the helmets?

    • Hi Jeffry,sorry the mesh I used is from the veggie store,there is to kinds of wraps one for onions which is a big mesh and the other for garlic,its a kind of nylon plastic and you can stretch it to and size or shape,you would not believe what is in my odds and ends draw,I'm always on the lookout for things to use in my models,hope this helps.

  7. Fabulous subject, the riding troops ad so much to the model. And that guy in the back surely looks just like Tom Hanks 🙂

    • Yes he does,funny thing every time I start to paint a figure I no longer see them as plastic but they seem to come alive and some do look like people you know(a little crazy I guess) just wish I was better at it.cheers.

  8. Great project, and well executed!

  9. Oh how I wish I could paint figures like this. The poses are really natural and THAT is not easy to capture. Very, very, well done amigo.

  10. I'm sure you can David we all under value ourselves,thanks for the encouragement.

  11. No, Jim - these ARE special. Kudos!

  12. Hi Jim
    I dont visit our site very often but when I do like to see fellow members work.
    Love your Sherman depiction. Really does scream out all those movies I remember watching as a kid back in the day... Kelly's Hero's, Von Ryan's Express, Bridge at Remagen etc.
    The figures all sit convincingly on the tank and a super paint job.
    Nice one mate.

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