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1/72 Fujimi D3A Val dive bomber

June 7, 2017 · in Aviation · · 9 · 4.2K

This model is marked as the aircraft of the commander of the dive bomber squadron on the IJN Hiryu, LT Kobayashi Michio. He led the Hiryu's first attack of 18 's & 6 Zeros that launched at about 1045. After allowing his fighter escort to go after SBD's returning to the USS Enterprise, at around 1200 he sighted the USS Yorktown. His unescorted bombers were attacked by approximately 16 Wildcats. 7 Val's were shot down and LT Kobayashi was forced to jettison his bomb. Of the 11 remaining only 7 made drops on the Yorktown but achieved 3 hits and at least one damaging near miss that left the Yorktown dead in the water. LT Kobayashi was loitering near the Yorktown sending back strike reports, when he was shot down, probably by 2 fighters from the Enterprise sent to reinforce the Yorktown's CAP.

Of the 18 Val's dispatched only 5 returned to the Hiryu.

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  1. This is a great build Rick. Plus it has a very interesting story line behind it. When you know the history behind your builds, it helps to bring them to life.

    Thanks my friend... I like this one ... a lot.

  2. Anther nice-lookin' build, Rick...good work.

  3. Good looking model Rick.

  4. Very nice Rick, especially from such an old kit.

  5. Thanks guys. This is the first Val in any scale that I've built during my 55 years of butchering plastic. I didn't post much of an online build, but other than having a very basic cockpit it went together very quickly, without any fit issues.

  6. Interesting markings on this one. Very clean build.

  7. Rick, first one of Fujimis Vals I've seen built. They were on hiatus for a while, but I think they are rereleasing some of their kits. They did a good job, this being one of them. They had a later Val, as well, which nobody does.
    Nicely done! "Val, the Stukas pal!"

  8. Another nice build - and the Val is just a classic.

  9. Great looking build!

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