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Airfix 1/48 Gloster Meteor F.8

December 16, 2018 · in Aviation · · 23 · 4.6K

Here's my contribution to the "100 Years of the Royal Air Force" Group build. The kit left me with somewhat mixed feelings - on one hand it is nicely detailed and goes together well for the most part, on the other hand it suffers from a rough surface texture and overstated panel lines, some silly fit issues, and mediocre decals.

The full WIP thread is here:

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  1. In a word - exquisite.

  2. Great job done on an early jet aircraft!

  3. A real beauty Boris. These Meteors were also the first jets of the Belgian air force. The last one was taken out of service last year, to be replaced by the more modern F35. 😉

  4. Superb looking Meteor.

  5. For all its faults,Boris,

    Your rendition of the kit turned out rather well,well indeed. If Tamiya where to release this kit at current prices many more euro's, pounds or dollars would you pay? You undoubtedly shot a primer or preshaded the kit ...which is a standard procedure for some. So the pebbly surface was taken care of or you fine sanded, shot a primer and sanded again. The engraved lines ...according to some who use hairy brushes and have to build up layers of paint for proper coverage its NBD. Some folks have commented that the Tamiya Meteor has panel lines that are too deep. All of which can be considered to be subjective. Subjective problem solving. Which you have ably done. Great photos and some excellent painting skills make for Two thumbs up.

    • Thanks Stephen. You are right, most of the kit's issues can be overcome easily, some of them take more time and patience. I am not sure about the "Tamiya argument" though - with this kit it was not so much about simplifications or inaccuracies as it was about a lack of basic product quality.

  6. And Boris is hereby declared the victor of The Battle Of The Meteor!

  7. A stunning Meteor, that’s what I can see. Don’t know about the kit’s pitfalls, but your model is excellent advertising for Airfix! The paint work is pro, that preshade showing through the grey really brings the airframe to life, much like a service Meteor must have showed. It’s not abused, it’s just plain used

  8. Really nice work, Boris.

  9. Nice work, Boris! It came out great. My Indian molded kit was very warped, but the UK molded model was fine.

  10. Boris, your understanding of the way a kit is engineered and comes together is little advanced in comparison (with respect) to some of us! Your standards and expectations are high - and that results in things of beauty being built. You have also 'lived' with this kit for a while and so your perspective is different to ours. What I see is an absolutely stunning build of a brilliant subject; colours that totally pop; and fantastic photography. This is sensational - a great start to the jet era for RAF100 GB. Thanks for all the advice and involvement along the way. Outstanding!

  11. Looks good Boris, nicely done.

  12. Boris, is that bit about the glitches something of a "humble brag"? I mean, really, the thing is gorgeous. Nicest wheels down Meteor I've ever seen.

  13. That's a great looking Meteor Boris, job well done I say.

  14. WOW! that looks really cool!

  15. Hello Boris,
    Museum quality model making.
    It looks great. Regards, Dirk

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