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iModeler May Awards

June 19, 2017 · in News · · 20 · 2K

Once again it is time for our monthly retrospective - a look back at some of the notable articles added to iModeler during the month of May. 95 new entries were posted to the headlines during the period, prompting no fewer than 1020 comments.

Our long-standing tradition is to award the Best in Show title to the jury's choice, also listing runner-ups as Honorable Mentions. We think that all are great modeling accomplishments that deserve recognition. The jury panel this month were @editor, @aisak, @magnusf, @halvarvonflake, @rickard-malmborg and @raikisan.

Every month, all Headline contributions are included in our traditional honorary prize draw. We're looking for the entries that represent the month's highlight in terms of modeling quality and presentation. We also allot an award to a randomly chosen article to emphasize that all contributions to this site deserve recognition.
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iModeler Best in Show - May 2017

This was another extraordinarily difficult choice among the even lot of finalists. We loved the many exquisite aircraft models (including the scratchbuilt Piper Pawnee Brave 375!), and the armor dioramas, and the incredibly detailed ship models.

In the end, one of the objects on display won both our minds and our hearts. The diminutive 1/700 vignette by Won-hui Lee showing the IJN destroyer Isokaze steaming past the islands on the Phillipine Sea "took us there", creating a complete illusion of viewing the actual location. We think that this is modeling at its best. Please make sure to have a second look!

But wait, there is more! – the Random Award

We are also awarding a prize as a token of appreciation to all our contributors. This is selected through an entirely random draw among all the entries of the month. This time, our lucky winner is Christian Ristits for his 1/48 scale Sepecat Jaguar A – French Air Force, Kitty-Hawk. Another excellent entry of the month - thanks for sharing!

Honorable Mentions: Our 10 Exquisite Finalists

(in no particular order)

1. Matija Lisec - Baghdad Taxi (or,how i lost my tandoori chicken)
2. Marc Barris - Piper Pawnee Brave 375 1/32 Scale (Scratchbuilt)
3. Anthony Christian Alvear Acuña - HMS Warspite 1943 (1/350 Academy)
4. Roberto Colaianni - Brindiamo all’ affondamento (Let’s celebrate the sinking)
5. Christian Ristits - Sepecat Jaguar A – French Air Force, Kitty-Hawk, 1:48
6. Ruben A. Torres Borrego - Eduard 1/48 Albatros DVa
7. George Johnson - 1/48 Hobby Boss Ka-27 Ukrainian Navy
8. Christian WERY - F-104G Belgian Starfighter “all open”
9. Marvin Reyes - Kitty Hawk F9F-8P Photo Cougar
10. David leigh-smith - Lightning in June

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20 responses

  1. Congratulation to the winner, amazing diorama!

  2. Wow, so many Excellent built Models, congrats to all contributors and of course the Winner, great Diorama with a lot of inspiring athmosphere! And thanks to the imodeler Team for choosing me for the random Award! Cheers Christian

  3. Congratulations! Amazing builds!

  4. Spoilt for choice again! Congratulations to all.

  5. "...extraordinarily difficult choice..." indeed - as it must be EVERY month. I dunno how you guys do it. Winners one and all in my eyes. Congratulations to all participants. Well done, gentlemen.

  6. I'm always amazed at the beauty and craftsmanship on display at iModeler, and DO NOT envy the work facing the judges! Excellent choice, and incredible models all.

  7. Great range of models at top quality, congrats to all competitors. And congratulations to us all being fortunate having all these fantastically skilled modelers around us keeping pumping out beautiful models.

  8. Congratulations to all. Excellent work. Again a month with so many great items from everybody. What a challenge you have as a jury.

  9. Congratulations! Beautiful works!

  10. Totally agree; the builds are such a high standard. It's a great site and I'm very proud to be part of this community.

  11. Wow this would be another hard one to pick... They are all excellent choices. Congrats to all...

  12. Congratulations, all well deserved winners.

  13. That winner was perfect. It certainly deserved the prize. Congratulations.

  14. Awesome builds, so hard to choose from. Well done to all mentioned and to the rest of you for following this great site.

  15. Wow what a range of models and so diverse,a big thank you to all for giving such delight to the eyes and I feel privileged to be able to see all these through imodeler,

  16. This is a site with amazing modellers, and model builds. I am proud to be a part of it. Well done to all of you.

  17. Congratulations to Mr. Lee for his very fine IJN Isokaze diorama,,,it is simply exquisite. I also want to congratulate the finalists, whose models give inspiration to us all. Thanks iModeler, for the venue where all this happens.

  18. What a fantastic selection of finalists. Have to agree with the final choice though. In addition to excellent modelling skills & exemplary eyesight, Won-hui displays a highly developed imagination to give his model that extra something. Congratulations to all for their superb offerings.

  19. Yep, I go along with the judges' final decision, difficult choice though, with so much great talent on display.

  20. Congratulations! Even late!

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