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P-47N “Chautaugua” Revell 1/48

July 23, 2017 · in Aviation · · 26 Comments

Here is the second of my P47n Thunderbolts,it was a fun little build though not particularly inspiring ,I improved the kit by adding True details gun barrels and wheels and an aftermarket decal set from Warbirds.Chautaugua was based at Le Shima at the same time as the other T-bolt I posted 2 big and too heavy. For anyone who is familiar with this kit you may remember that the rear wheel and interior of the wheel well and the well cover doors are constructed and added as one piece which I somehow managed to loose in my mancave so I had to scratch build a replacement using a spare Spitfire wheel from the spares box and plastic from a food container !

I made a decision at the start of this year that from now on I am going to buy exclusively Tamiya and new edition Airfix kits to avoid the mountains of poor quality kits that will trip you up at every step,that said this is a reasonably good kit,I've built two of them after all ! and is part of my very small stash of kits that I am working through.

Thanks for looking guys

P.S. Hi to Jaime,Simes and Seamus , hope you're all well.


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26 responses

  1. Hello Neil...Nice job on the Revell Thnuderbolt. Those colorful markings are quite eye-catching and certainly make for a fine looking model. The aftermarket parts you added certainly enhance the build.

  2. Nice looking bird Neil. I built mine as a sister ship, "The Shellpusher"

  3. Another fine Thunderbolt Neil. I really like it.

    One of my earliest childhood memories is of my Dad sitting me in the cockpit of a "N" model that was parked outside a museum in South Daytona Beach Florida right on Highway US-1. The museum was called the "Museum of Speed". I was able to move the control stick and watched in amazement as the ailerons moved !

    I think that partially because of this memory, the P-47 is one of my favorite planes. Thanks for sharing this one with us.

    • back then I had no idea of what a P-47 was... I simply knew it was an airplane, I was sitting in it, and that it was really cool ! Years later I asked my Dad what type of plane it was and that's when I found out it was a Thunderbolt.

    • Hi Louis,I have a similar memory, as a lad my dad would take me for days at work with him in his truck and one day we had a delivery on an R.A.F station in Yorkshire, there was no Isis back then and we were allowed to go right into the base and unbelievably a couple of aircrew guys let me climb into the cabin of a Canberra aircraft and sit in the pilots seat !,the world really was a nicer place back then,thanks for looking.

      • Ah, the childhood memories... very cool story Neil. Thanks

        • Louis & Neil - what great memories! Lucky you! I have a similar memory; in Lafayette, Indiana (or West Lafayette - bad memory!) there is a public park called Happy Hollow. Back in the early '70s there USED to be an F-86 set into concrete (from about where the Oleo struts are - right above the wheels themselves) with a ladder affixed to the side by the cockpit. Also, the engine had been removed & sheet metal workers had made a tunnel from scoop to nuts ... I mean, through the exhaust nozzle, so kids could crawl through it. (Sorry for the pun - I couldn't help myself) The seat frame was there as well as the control stick (which was immoveable) and a few instruments. On the left side the entire handle that sits on the throttle lever was still in place as well. It had a commo/radio button as well as a switch labeled "CAGE." Long story short; I have that handle still. Sadly, my Sis said the Sabre was removed & scrapped some 20 years ago. My thinking is that a group of "right-thinking" citizens complained that it was both a WAR trophy as well as a safety hazard & had it removed, but I'm not sure of the actual reasons.

  4. Hi Neil,

    Great P_47 there mate. I built this one a while back but it didn't turn out as well as yours.

    Cheers Gregor

  5. Thanks for looking Gregor, I'm pretty sure your build was great.

  6. Nice job, them "Jugs". 🙂

  7. Great looking T Bolt !

  8. Love your Jug, Neil, great work on this old Revell kit, and good save on the rear wheel, you'll probably find the original now.

  9. Very nice! I understand your point about sticking with newer kits, but I do think when you pick up an old "dog" kit, it just kind of give you creative license - you can't really mess it up so you just go for broke! (I've got a P-39 to post soon that fits that category...I really had a good time with it!)

  10. It's true Greg I've had loads of fun with really old Airfix kits but would never show them anywhere but on here, I've got stuff that the guys in my own club have never seen,thanks for looking pal.

  11. Neil, This is a good example of good model building using an old kit. Nicely done !

  12. Again - VERY nicely done, Neil!

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    P.k said on July 24, 2017

    Great looking

  14. Beauty of a Jug, Neil, good to see you back! Doing well here...

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