A 38A Skyraider

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This is my rendition of a in the use of the Royal Swedish Air Force if the Sandy CSAR concept had been brought to the temperate and sub-arctic forests and mountains of the Scandinavian peninsula from the steaming jungles of Vietnam and Laos. An environment that is as lethal and unforgiving as any place if you are unfortunate of going down in a parachute.

The model is once again ´s excellent Skyraider in . The load consists of two drop tanks, a podded minigun, 6 x Mk 81 "Lady finger" low drag iron bombs (some with extended fuses) and a couple of LAU-68 pods for FFARs. The wing guns are made of aluminium tubing from Albion.

The model is painted in the camouflage known from the Saab J 35 Draken interceptors, olive green and dark blue. An extremely well suited camouflage for the local conditions of deep green forests, lakes and mountains. The pattern follow the standard USAF camouflage outlines. Paints are entirely from the Vallejo Model Air range of hobby paints. Decals are from Flying colors and Moose republic.

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  1. beautiful Build, love the fading of your paintjob, very well done!

  2. Really gorgeous! Interesting with the asymmetrical load out. Very nice!

  3. The Skyraider is one of my favorite "brutes", no matter the livery nor area of operations. And the Tamiya kit can't look bad no matter HOW ya paint it up or load it out. This is just another example of those facts. Great lookin' build, sir. I love it!

  4. Another beauty, you are definitely a man that loves the Skyraider and that make you an okay guy in my book.

  5. Beautiful build, impressive aircraft.

  6. A nice rendition of the ' flying dump truck'. Looks great as Swedish A.F. Earlier in its' career the Skyraider did fly off another temperate and cold peninsular .

  7. Beautiful! I like the mottled appearance of the camouflage paint. It gives a VERY realistic look of a plane out in the weather, but not all "beat to Hell."

  8. Wow another beauty ! Your "Sandy" looks great. I like it, especially the way the paint fades. Two thumbs up Sir !

  9. Can't add to what has already been said, other than that seeing the Skyraider in Swedish markings is a very welcome sight to behold. Again well done in representing a capable aircraft in very capable hands. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Another great looking Skyraider from you Stellan.

  11. I think the armament really helps to accentuate the tough look of this Skyraider, it definitely means business, "locked and loaded" as a certain person said recently...

  12. Wow. here is another wonderful Skyraider made by you. Wonderful built and great paintjob. Like you mention it looks real without too much battering. Weapon loads of the Skyraider are allways impressive. Top Job!

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