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Nulla AD4-W in 1/48 scale Which i created by crossing the pieces dedicated to the Esci version ,with the A1 H Monogram kit. The conversion is easy to perform. The Monogram kit has been re engraved into the paneling lines,the model was [...]

'Spad Dad'

A quick project, just less than a month from opening the box, but it did have the bench completely to itself. Biggest challenge was finding the Minigun pod in my huge stash of spare ‘dangly bits’ that I’ve amassed over many year of [...]

1/48 AD-4 - Korean War Group Build.

This is the Tamiya A-1H kit backdated to a late model AD-4. The model depicts an aircraft assigned to VA-95 aboard USS Philippine Sea during 1952-53. The main things involved in backdating a Viet Nam era Skyraider to a Korean War AD-4 [...]

Guerre d'Algérie...1/48 Douglas AD-4 Skyraider, Armée de l’Air

And already the next finished French one by my dad. Tamiya A-1H converted to an AD-4, early inner wing racks and tanks taken from an old Esci Skyraider kit, Berna decals, painted with AK Xtreme Metal White Aluminium. Build thread [...]

1/48 Tamiya Douglas A-1J Skyraider

Well, here it is. Skyraider, Sandy, Spad… call it as You wish, but this is the icon from Vietnam war. I was searching for this model for some time, As long as I really wanted to get one from Zoukei Moura, You know… there is always [...]

Monogram 1/48 AD-6 backdated to an AD-3 of VMA 212 in Korea

This started out as OOB build using kit decals. Unfortunately they were toast and did not cooperate when being applied. I used Euro decals for the Skyraider and they were excellent. I scratchbuilt the early AERO bomb racks then added [...]

AD-6 Skyraider 1/48 Monogram

I love sometime build old kit from box, with decal from box, without rescrabing panel lines. Only for fun. Because i mean, this old kits beutifuls. This is another of it

Year of the Cat

OK... another stretch.. the name on the cowling of this aircraft is "Paper Tiger"... Whadda ya think...? qualify? This is the SWS Zoukei-Maura 1/32 AD-1H Skyraider FIRST ... This is an excellent kit. Well engineered, well [...]

1/48 AD-4NA Skyraider

A few years ago, I decided to try and fold the wings on one of my 1/48 Monogram AD-6 skyraiders. the parts seemed to be there, but it was not mentioned in the instructions. One problem with cutting the wings is that it is impossible to [...]

1/48 Tamiya AD-3 Skyraider

Shelf of doom # 3 complete . 1/48 Tamiya AD-3 Bu.No. 122743 air VMW -121 based at K-3 ( Pohang ) Korea 1951. Started on this almost two years ago. Finally she is completed . Painted with Mr. Paints and Tamiya paints [...]