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Tamiya Meteor and Doodlebug

September 8, 2017 · in Aviation · · 30 · 2.2K

This is the 1/48th scale Gloster F1 & Fieseler Fi103 V-1 flying bomb mounted on a simple Perspex stand. Both models were built straight from the box. The only alteration is the pilot. His head was removed and turned to look to his left. The harness was extended over his shoulders and attached behind the seat.

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  1. Nice work and very intersting idea!

  2. Well done representation, sir - love that homemade stand, too. 🙂

  3. Very nice work.
    Good job mate

  4. Nicely done! This is the kind of display that captures my imagination.

  5. Good display, Julian, and another example of your neat paintwork. I hope the pilot has fully recovered from his surgery.

  6. Very nice, it captures the moment well

  7. Great work! To catch the moment of tipping over the buzz bomb is very well executed. I can imagine the pilot would keep it's eyes on that V-1 as they were quite unreliable.

  8. Well done, Julian! I'm sure there was plenty of interesting talking in the ready-room the 1st time a pilot came back & told everyone that he had just knocked down a Doodlebug without using any bullets!

    Great job capturing a brief moment in time that is now history!

  9. Julian, nicely done and posed! Shows what actually happened, not easy by any measure. Only slightly less dangerous than shooting at it and having it blow up and take you with it.

  10. Great build and splendid concept!

  11. You really have to imagine what was in these guys' hearts and minds as they risked the integrity of their own plane to knock these buzz bombs off course. No thrill of the kill, no wits and skill vs wits and skill of the enemy, no imminent danger to them: just a mindless threat to the helpless civilians and their beloved homeland below them. It's the pathos of this scene that grips me, and you've done it well. Modeling telling a story far, far beyond the craft themselves!

  12. Beautiful build! as is the stand.

  13. Hello Robert, thank you . Glad you like it.

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