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Snipe; Wingnut Wings; Sopwith Snipe

September 13, 2017 · in Aviation · · 24 · 2.4K

Hi all, this is my first post but not my first model! I typically build Australian Flying Corps subjects and so the was a long awaited addition to my collection.

I always like a challenge at the Snipe really asked the question,'Why have all that detail inside if you can't see it?'

To that end, I decided to fold down the linen on the fuselage to provide a glimpse of all that goodness.

The key to this is rebuilding the stringers and frames with wire and plastic rod and then using lead foil to represent the linen that has been pulled down.

I am not sure if the colours of the cockade would have shown through on the inside of the linen, but it makes an interesting visual point. This was rendered with pastel chalks.

There is a lot of detail added inside which unfortunately is still difficult to see, but I am happy with the result.

The Zs were simply cut from white decal paper.

The figures are from Model Cellar.

I hope you enjoy!

Oh, if you can think of a caption, let me know, I will be entering this one in a local competition and a good caption would be nice.

Something like, 'Sir, is this your cigarettef box? Better not wedge it under the fuel tank, you could really go up in smoke!' I am sure someone can do better...

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  1. Welcome to iModeler, Paul. Let me be the first to say what a great looking build (and photography) you've completed. I've yet to see a WNW kit that didn't turn out beautifully - and yours certainly qualifies. Nice work all around.

  2. Welcome, and congratulations for your awesome diorama!

  3. Very nice!
    That thing with the cockade showing through the linen really works.
    The whole setting is very convincing.
    As a ship modeler I really like the rigging job you did.
    Hat off!

  4. Very good, Paul. Hard to see the way they're tied off but are you using turnbuckles?

  5. Welcome aboard, Paul. Excellent first post you have got here - I am wondering how you achieved that convincing wood effect on the prop. Please tell us more!

    • Hi Boris. The prop is painted in a light tan colour and when dry, brushed with burnt sienna oil paint. Once this is dry, paint on some lines in burnt sienna again to mark the laminatons.

  6. Welcome Paul !. What a nice presentation on a wonderful looking model, I love the creativity. Well done !

  7. Glad you joined the gang! Stunning model, and I love the creativity of the folded down linen, bleed through, etc. Excellent work.

  8. Welcome Paul, amazing build 🙂


  9. To me this piece of torn fabric is genius. Very clever. And yes - welcome onboard at iModeler, can't wait to see more!

  10. Nice job, allperfect. Nice idea to show the internal structure by simulating a repair of the fabric in proigress.

  11. Beautiful job on the fabric. The Snipe is one of WNW's best kits.

  12. Wonderfully done, Paul! Welcome to iModeler! This is a wonderful start.

  13. What a beauty! wonderful work!

  14. Excellent modelling Paul. Welcome to iModeler.

    "Wait a minute, are you telling me my kites got woodworm!"

  15. "Crikey, then I heard this flapping sound..." Paul, really clever way to show the innards, draws your attention, and shows what the technology of the time was. We tend to forget, sometimes, rather than marveling at how we got where we were. Always a good thing! Welcome!

  16. Wow! what an imaginative build! And welcome to the site sir. I actually learned how to do dope and fabric, was useful when I needed to sew something.

  17. Welcome to iModeler, your WNW model is excellent and the little diorama works very well. Sorry but I can't think of a comment that's suitable for this site!

  18. Welcome to iModeler, your WNW model is excellent and the little diorama works very well. Sorry but I can't think of a comment that's suitable for this site...

  19. Great job Paul. Wonderful details and specialy like the folded part to show the inside. Another wonderful use also of the pastel chalks. And welcome to iModeler.

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