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Mad modeller. Particularly enjoy figures and allied WW1 Aircraft.

Karaya DH-5 1:48

It has been ages but I thought I would post another one of my older builds. This kit is entirely made of resin with some photoetch and it is superbly cast and went together really well. Karaya did a great job with the interplane struts [...]

WWI pilot and observer

I love biplanes and even more, I love painting figures, so I have been collecting all the RFC figures I can find and slapping on the paint so they can liven up my biplane models. This pair now sit with my Wingnut Wings RE8 in Australian [...]

Another Australian Flying Corps figure

Hello again, This figure is one from the Elan 13 stable in 54mm scale - a really novel piece for a WW1 pilot. Acrylics overall but oils for the skin tones. When I first saw this model I was unsure about the 44 gallon drum but it turns out [...]

Australian Flying Corps pilot54mm Model Cellar

Hi all, been a while since I posted but here is one of my favourites. This started out as the Billy Bishop kit from Model Cellar but I only model AFC so a new head was in order. This one is an old Verlinden one I had in the spares [...]

1/350 HMVS Cerberus – Kombrig

This is one of my favourite models. A simple thing but deeply satisfying to find a relatively obscure subject done so well by the manufacturer. There were lots of little scratch building projects all over this kit such as the ship's [...]

Model of the Month winner – September

Hi all - I had a couple of surprises today - one good and one not so good... Tore my calf muscle while exercising today - not much fun - but came home to find my prize for September's iModeler award! I wasn't up to taking first class [...]

Knights large and small!

Hi all My real fascination with models lies with figures. Figures really bring a model to life (and of course, if not done well can make a great model seem second rate...we have all probably seen some very nice aircraft or tank models that [...]

Knight circa 1300

Hi all, If I am not building biplanes I am probably painting a figure. This is another older work, the Verlinden knight in 120mm scale. Painted in enamels and artist's oils, I just wanted to do something interesting with some Heraldry and [...]

Eduard Airco DH-2. 1/48 Profipak. 14SQN RFC

Hi all, I know I normally construct Australian Flying Corps aircraft but the DH-2 is my all time favourite aircraft. To be fair, this one was used by a sister squadron to 1SQN AFC. Now this is a pretty good kit anyway but I got pretty busy [...]

Australian Flying Corps Sopwith Pup – 1/48 Flashback (ex Eduard)

Hi all, This kit is one of the old Eduard molds, re released by Flashback and frankly a pretty rough kit. If you are up for a little challenge, see if you can find one and see how you go! I made quite a few modifications because so many [...]