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1/48 classic airframes Avro Anson

This is my last model,it tooks me 6 mounths.A nice airplane but a very difficalt kit.I hope you like it.

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16 responses to 1/48 classic airframes Avro Anson

  1. Don’t see many of these built….and this one’s a beauty!

  2. Very nice. One of my all time favourite aircraft.

  3. Looks great! It appears there’s some good interior detail that probably looks very nice up close. Well done.

  4. Great work! I love the little details visible thru’ the glass.

  5. I’ve built two Classic Airframes kits ,the FAA Hawker Seahawk and the FAA Westland Wyvern, and I have to say both were “difficult to work with ” to say the least ,that said I will not be bothering with CA kits again, for all the effort involved I know what a great job you have made to get this where it is, well done.

  6. I don’t know anything about Classic Airframes kits but they obviously have a certain reputation. Your hard work has certainly paid off with an outstanding model of this rarely seen aircraft, somehow a very British design with loads of character.

    • Hi George , you hit the nail on the head Classic Airframes have always specialised in rarer subjects but that said they are poorly engineered kits ,things like tail wings that have to be drilled and pinned because there is no location tab just flat faces that you butt together, the instruction sheets are poor and very basic and the moulding quality is sometimes just plain bad, my advice to anyone is unless it happens to be a subject that you simply must have in your collection just don’t bother.

  7. Of all the ugly or homely Brit airplanes i can think of (that I like) the Anson takes First Prize (ugly/homely,your choice). Nice work.

  8. Thank you for the comments my friends,i am glad you like it

  9. Nice work on a difficult kit of a great subject!

  10. Very nice job on with a difficult kit

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