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Spitfire Mk. IXc - ICM 1/48

Some time ago, as part of the payment from a customer, I received this model. I've always wanted to build the at this scale, but what I found with this one was a real challenge.

When you open the box, you find a real collection of well moulded pieces to build almost all the Mk. IX versions. At least that's what I thought...
At the moment you read the instructions you realize the real mess it is.

So I started with the engine. model comes with a more or less good merlin engine and its support. It was enough, but I decided to go scratch with it, adding the wiring, fuel pumps, radiator conducts... ending with a really good representation of it.

Next was the interior. Although it was good enough, again, i decided to modify it in order to improve it by adding wiring and some other missing parts.

And here comes the big problem: when you join the fuselage, it doesn't fit well, and it needs a lot (A LOT) of putty to correct the joint.
The wings offer you the option to add the different wingtips for each version. I've chosen the C version. ICM also offers the option to leave the gun bay open. Here I found that the cannons in the model were wrong, so I changed them, and added some parts to leave it complete.

Again, problems with the joints: it fits yes, but barely stands in its place. So it needs a lot of corrections so the wings stands horizontally and in place.

After some sanding and preparation, it came the paint time. ICM proposes two schemes, both of Normandy with the invasion stripes. Since I don't like the stripes, I've only painted the normal camouflage.
Three tones, all from vallejo model color: cold grey, wolf grey and light green.
After barnishing with future, I added the decals. It comes with the standard British decals plus some stencils. Unfortunately the stencils were so bad that they banished in the moment I dipped them in water. The other decals were a little difficult to adapt (I needed about 4-5 applications of microset)

Finally, some panelling with oil and a little weathering.

I can say it's a really good model when you finish it, but it's not definitely a model for beginners. If you have it in your stash, it's worth build it.

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16 responses

  1. Nicely finished, Claudio...I like it. 🙂

  2. Claudio, thanks for the review. I'd suspected that engine would be difficult, particularly if you want to close the cowling up and not display it. The more complicated you make a model, the more difficult to make it fit. A double edged sword. Earlier releases of this had sinkhole problems, but they seem to have handled that. Which cannon did you use?

  3. Nice work, Claudio. I bought one of those when it first came out. After excitedly opening the box, I discovered short shot fuselage halves and melted blobs for wheels. Into the spares box went 75% of the kit, the rest to the trash. Personally, I would never touch one of these again now that Eduard’s Kit is out. That said, I think you’ve achieved a miracle with your nicely built example.

  4. Very nice build project. Really great looking model and its looks like the real thing!

  5. Well done, Claudio! You have made a great model from a difficult and sometimes faulty kit.


  6. Nice looking machine

  7. Great build, and great detail!

  8. A very nice Spit! I like the overall finish you achieved on it. Well done!

  9. Lovely Spitfire, Claudio. Great work.

  10. I really the detail you've added to the Merlin engine, and the overall finish is very good.

  11. wow, what a nice spitfire. Great job, Great details.

  12. Lovely bird ! Congratulations.

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