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1/700 Combrig USS Maine

April 5, 2018 · in Ships · · 9 · 2.5K

Built several years ago from the kit. An enjoyable and relaxing kit.

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  1. Very nice ship Chris offering exquisite detail, thanks for posting!

  2. Well Chris, we'll remember this Maine! Really well done, my friend.

    I sure wish you had put something of everyday use close to it for a size comparison ... oh wait, that was a burgundy-colored pen not a submarine! Sorry, I couldn't resist! Seriously, the pen made me appreciate the detail even more. Those 1/700 scale ships are TINY!

    Well done, Chris!

  3. Never seen a ship model quite like this one. At first I thought "...a Pinewood Derby entry for ships...?". But as I perused the series of photos, it was then I realized what an intricate accomplishment this truly was. A feat I would most certainly not undertake. Very nice work, my friend (you must have the eyes of a hawk). 🙂

  4. wow, you did a lot of work on this one. Very detailed for 1/700. Looks really nice.

  5. Yikes! Hard for me to fathom how working in such small detail can be called "relaxing!" Nicely done!

  6. I echo Greg's comments. I would be frantic with all that detail, but then again some people find golf relaxing...(little ball, little hole, great big, no...)

    Fabulous detail, though. Wow.

  7. Instructive and very inspirational!
    I like how you presented the building sequence... no captions needed, pictures speak by themselves!

  8. Wow, amazing work, particularly in that scale.

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