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Another Australian Flying Corps figure

May 26, 2018 · in Figures · · 12 Comments

Hello again,

This figure is one from the stable in scale - a really novel piece for a WW1 pilot.

Acrylics overall but oils for the skin tones. When I first saw this model I was unsure about the 44 gallon drum but it turns out these were invented prior to the war so it still fits in with the era.

I am sure some of these fellas may have worn their cricket vest under their flying suits to gain that little bit extra warmth.

The original kit has a different head (one with a peaked cap). This one came from Hornet and looks a little like Bo King from 4SQN AFC. I also had to remove the rank insignia from the sleeves to make him an Australian - and then add some pips to his epaulets.



3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses

  1. Fantastic, I just love the expression you get on these faces, Paul.

  2. I'm with David, I love the facial expression. Well done! I wish I had a pair of those boots ...

  3. Excellent work Paul. You've mastered an art I'm still trying to learn.

  4. I dunno how ya do it...he even LOOKS Australian. 🙂

  5. Well done. Nice presentation.

  6. Crikey, that´s a nice looking fella! Hmm maybe the sole of the boot should be a different shade?

  7. Really nice. You "breathe life" into your figures.

  8. Very nice indeed, I'm not a figure painter so am unsure about 52 mm, I reckon that's close to 1/35th (about 5' 11.5" at 1:1)?

  9. Another nice one!

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