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Lockheed AP-3C Orion, 10 Squadron RAAF 1999

May 12, 2018 · in Aviation · · 10 Comments

I am back with a build. This is an AP-3C circa 1999-2000 when A9-757 was painted in 60th Anniversary markings. The kit was modified to partial AP-3C standard using the Hamilton Hobbies AP-3C conversion set and images and drawings for reference. The Hamilton Hobbies set, while a good start had some shape issues with one of the antenna mounting plates, so I decided to scratch built all the modifications in styrene. I prefer this as I can use Tamiya of Revell glue to give a strong both with the surrounding plastic. I used the DekLs sheet and armed it with Harpoons from the Hasegawa Weapons set IV and Mk 36 Destructor mines made form Mk82 bombs from the spares box. I also added some intake covers and vent blanks from plastic card, tissue paper (soaked in white glue) and foil from a wine bottle.

9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses

  1. Looks good Ray, well done, another on my to do list, I agree with your method of replacing upgrades with styrene, I'm mostly doing the same with my Seahawk, how do you apply your Dekls ? that tail is unique !

    • Alan, thanks!
      I apply the DekLs much the same as 'normal' decals, though I have found that laying down some Microset and Sol helps them to stay put once placed,

  2. Fantastic work Ray! I think you did very well scratch building the modifications in styrene, also for the reason you mention. The intake covers are lovely made. Great tail markings.

  3. Nice work, Ray...I like it a lot.

  4. Another fine P-3. Love it. Commented on your other post also regarding this old Hasegawa kit.

  5. Thanks Paul, responded on the other thread

  6. Great looking 'craft, Ray!

  7. A fine job! Great detail work.

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