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HobbyBoss 1/48 Bf-109F-4

My first experience with Hobby Boss models. I decided to step away from modern era models and take a trip to WW2 machines. I choose a cost-friendly, $23 Hobby Boss kit. I encountered absolutely no problems assembling the plane. Level of detail is satisfying. All parts fit fine and there was no need for putty. Some minor gaps could easily be closed with glue. All in all it was a pleasure to assemble.


Unfortunately there must be a “but”. Since this was the first 1/48 kit in a long time, I spent a long time painting the cockpit, going into fine details and making some steps I usually tend to “forget”. Then I realized the kit does not include an open canopy option. Second fail is that the propeller blades are stationary. There is no other option (maybe with some aftermarket engine) then to glue the propeller to fuselage. If it was not for those two fails I’d give this kit a strait A.

Anyway, Eduards Profi Pack Fw-190 is next in line, it is a much more demanding kit so this was a great chance to get familiar with my new Iwata Eclipse CS airbrush.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses to HobbyBoss 1/48 Bf-109F-4

  1. Well, Boris, you seem to have found your raison d’être. Great looking build.

  2. Nice job on this “ME” my friend! Weathered just enough to look like the real thing.

  3. Nice work on the model. Good paintwork, decaling etc.

    However, the Hobby Boss (and their big brother Trumpeter) 109s are actually the *worst* 109 kits out there (the Fujimi kits of 30 years ago are superior), missing obvious items that literally every other model company manages to get right with their 109s. One can start with the fact that there is no indication of the upper radiator flap on the upper wing surface – it’s literally not there, as if the wing is “solid” there. Then there’s the canopy which works for a Bf-109G and not an F (the heavy framing), and then there’s the rudder which has an odd shape that I could only find in a photo of a 109 with the rudder cocked slightly toward the camera. All topped off with an overall fuselage shape that is “109ish” (at best). Trust the Trumpy “D” team (which seems to get the assignment for the HB “Easy build” kits) to latch onto that. Overall, they managed to confuse a Bf-109G-2/4 with the F-4. Realizing all this really ticked me off when I bought one of these kits.

    A case of “you get what you pay for,” especially since the entirely-right Eduard Bf-109F-4 “weekend edition” is $5 more (and, once you have a the instructions from that kit, an “overtrees” kit is $5 less than this). Wait till you try the Eduard 190. It might be more complex, but it’s not more complicated, and if you commit the revolutionary act of following the instructions a fantastic result is guaranteed. A kit worthy of your painting skills.

    • Oh, I wasn’t aware of all this errors in relation to the real airplane, and honestly, I’m unable to see the difference between various versions of Bf-109. At least now I have a reason to give it a second try with more accurate kit. But, for a cheap kit I was surprised how well parts fit together. Anyway, after unboxing Eduards FW-190, I’ll definitely stick to Eduard for the rest of my WW2 collection.

  4. Well Boris, the new airbrush is certainly performing well in your more than capable hands! The photo from above shows just what a fantastic job you have done. The weathering looks spot on too! Skilfully done, Boris, I’m certainly looking forward to how you finish the 190!

  5. Nice lookin’ build, sir…..I love it!

  6. Very nicely done. Excellent finish and weathering.

  7. I really like it Boris !!!

    Looks like you got the new airbrush dialed in just right …….. I especially like how the mottling turned out and the pre shading lines add a little more zip to it.

    Is this one of Hahn’s aircraft ????

    Well done my friend. I can only hope that my next Luftwaffe 109 looks almost as good as yours does. It turned out great and I’d be proud to display it alongside any of my builds.

    Two thumbs up Sir !!!!

    • Thx Louis. I did not do preshading since my old airbrush couldn’t spray thin lines. I did priming and base coat with old airbrush and had to stop there. After new airbrush arrived I proceeded with mottles and postshading.

      Yes it’s Hahn’s plane from summer ’41.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  8. Very nice build, given the manufacturer you really made the best out of this one Boris, thanks for posting!

  9. Hey Boris: Looks like a great “109” to me. Excellent finish and paint job. looks hot. Most important is u enjoyed the build and u r happy with it. I did the same thing recently with an old simple BF-109. I purchased an under $20 1/48 BF-109. The original old Tamiya kit. It just fell together, looked like a 109, allowed me to practice my German camo painting in prep for a more complex better build.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  10. Boris, This looks really nice, I like your paint work very much. Too bad they didn’t give you an open canopy option, but, realistically most the pictures I’ve seen the canopy is closed anyway. From what I see, I can see inside pretty good. If in doubt, give it a Future dip, and make it nice and clear and you should be able to see inside just fine.
    The kit may have a few short comings as a kit, but I can’t tell, nor care, Overall this is an excellent looking 109. Well done !

  11. Great paint sir, loved the mottling and shading. Great Job!

  12. Excellent result! Love the paint and detail work. Very nice 109!

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