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Eduard 1/48 Se 5a

September 29, 2018 · in Aviation · · 12 Comments

First time i build airplane in this scale,must say that i liked, so there will be some more of them in the future.

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12 responses

  1. Well if that’s your first, Predrag, then I’m looking forward to seeing what your learning curve is like. This is lovely.

  2. absolutely beautiful...encore encore

  3. Two wings and rigging...not my cup o' tea - but this build looks really nice - good work.

  4. Fantastic work! Your first WWI airplane? Wow really very nice. What did you use for the rigging?

  5. Outstanding, Predrag! It doesn't get better than this ... and your first one at that!


  6. wow - very good looking Se5a! If that is your 1st WW1, you may get the bug. Taking on rigging on your first time out, you have been totally successful! Great work - hope to see more. All looks great from here.

  7. Beautiful Predrag, will be using this as inspiration!

  8. Thank you mates for a kind words.
    For rigging i used filament for fishing (0,08mm) with stretched cotton swab. For this Scale 0, 1 mm is maybe more appropriate.

  9. First class work I’d say. I don’t think I could get that result in 1/32 less alone in 1/48 😉 please post more work as you build them

  10. Lovely model! I look forward to more of these builds!

  11. Building one of these myself, beautiful work you have achieved there!

  12. Nice work, really nice!

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