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Lightning F3 – 100 Years of the RAF Group Build

September 26, 2018 · in Aviation · · 14 Comments

Sqn. Ldr. George Black

Wattisham 1965

Built for (a total of) three RAF 100 Group builds on various modelling forums including iM, this is ’s original 1997 issue of the Lightning. Cannot recall when I bought it, but was a considerable number of years back and was always going to be a 111 Sqn. machine.

Build was very straightforward with no fit issues to speak of, the Quickboost resin seat simply drops into place without any surgery. Have to admit I was very worried about the original Airfix decals and the replacement sets from John Addams Aeroclub, especially as they were all looking a little aged. But quality control at both printers were obviously on top of their game on the days they were printed because they worked perfectly.

Didn’t want any weathering other than a panel-line wash as I wanted to depict my Lightning as it was just prior or just after the 1965 Paris Air Show, when 111 Sqn. sent a flight of virtually factory fresh Lightning’s to participate.

As ever thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment, please feel free to ask any questions or fire any criticism.

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14 responses

  1. One word review: Beautiful!

  2. Excellent NMF on the big Lightning. Good work on that old Airfix kit.

  3. My only criticism would be there’s not enough photos! Great to see an unweathered and pristine build; nowhere to ‘hide’ and shows what outstanding paint work this is.

  4. Ian, thank you so much. She's an absolute beauty. A stunning paint job, and a great WIP to follow too. Pretty much tutorial for this kit and shiny metal finishing! Fantastic contribution to the GB and will look brilliant in the slide show/final reveal I'm going to put together. I'm hugely grateful - cheers!

  5. Nice work, Ian. What did you use for the NMF?

  6. Always liked the lines of this jet...nice overall job. 🙂

  7. As always, you've done a beautiful job on this great model of one of the coolest (if somewhat homely, IMHO) jets ever made. I remember seeing an article written by a fellow who was lucky enough to be taken on a ride in a Lightning. Because of the type of piece it was, the pilot was able to take the aircraft to its top speed and highest altitude ... where he took pictures in which they were so high you could see the curvature of the earth's horizon! I~ve never wanted a ride in a jet so much as when I saw that!

    Ian, the NMF finish and pristine condition - not to mention the write-up - is excellent. Thanks for sharing!

  8. A wonderful Lightning! A "clean" finish is fitting for such an elegant machine wearing NMF.

  9. Nothing short of professional, certainly a inspiration for those wanting to make one of Airfixes better kits in 90s. Back
    when the bean counters ran things. Another candidate for model of the month. It seems that the clean and mean has a place in the line up.

    Two thumbs up Ian.

  10. Lovely Lightning! To me the Lightning is like the Phantom, not the prettiest of design but there's something about it that makes you love it.

  11. Thanks folks, glad you like it - like I replied [to Paul] this was an absolute pleasure, will almost certainly be the last 1:48 'Frightening' that I'll build and so glad it came-out well. Next I'll get my Ferrari F40 finished for another GB on another forum, who knows what will come after that !


  12. Just a marvelous job! Brilliant work on this Lightning!

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