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1:48 harrier GR MK7/9

Hi guys, this is my first time posting. I do believe this is a rebox from hasaegawa to . This went together quite well didt really have any problems. I didt like the seat so revamp the top with scrap bits of photo etched laying about. Also made seat belts. I don't post stuff so it's nice to share with like minded people. Cheers.

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23 responses

  1. Absolutely sexy! Perfect.

  2. Glen, please feel free to post as quickly as you can build. This is superb work on an important and beautiful subject. The Harrier was/is a legend and you’ve done her proud.



  3. Thanks David. Pleased you liked it. Yes the harrier is a iconic legend.

  4. Great finish. I especially appreciate that you went with an uncommon marking scheme. It really stand out.

  5. Great build and I agree nice choice in scheme.

  6. Good-lookin' build, sir...and welcome to the site. 🙂

  7. Glen, it’s a fantastic model. Solid build and paintwork without any doubt. Love the the look and stance of the plane, very appealing to the eye. Excellent first post if I may. Welcome to iModeler and let’s see some more work please

  8. Awesome work Glen, keep on posting. I eqally enjoy looking at other's work as building my own models.

  9. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. I do plan to post more work. Was making loads of harrier sound effects with this one lol.

  10. Great build!
    I love the Harrier, too.
    Can you show us her belly, please?
    Keep building!

  11. Happy u have posted and shared with us. This build is well worth sharing. Its a fantastic example of great model building!

  12. Glenn, welcome to iModeler! This great model of an Aviation Icon is wonderful.

  13. Nice work on this all around. Can't have too many Harriers.

  14. I’ve always fancied doing one in the little seen winter camouflage.

  15. Welcome onboard at iModeler, Glenn. That's a very impressive Harrier, thanks for sharing.

  16. A beautiful Harrier! I love the jet, and that color scheme is fantastic - I'd never seen that before and want to build something similar in 1/72. You did a great job on details and finishing - I look forward to seeing more of you work!

  17. Thanks again. I’m a little overwhelmed at all your comments. Thanks again. Glad it has inspired people. Love the winter Camo also. A very warm welcome to imodeler. ☺️

  18. Beautiful work, exactly to my taste

  19. That's awesome mate! You nailed it!

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