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RAF legend – Spitfire… Mk. IX, 312. Sqn, Wing Commander Tomáš Vybíral, D.S.O., D.F.C.

Hi everybody,
it is my pleasure to present here my last build. It is really special and means a lot for me.
I would like to pay tribute to all pilots , especially Czechoslovaks, who fought in WW2 for our freedom. I always wanted to build a detailed kit and also to build some airplane from WW2 which was flown by Czechoslovak pilots. It is pure patriotism and we should be patriots a bit, shouldn't we? 🙂
Moreover, this pilot has served for short time here in Nitra before the WW2.

I am really happy that made excellent kit with a lot of details and I really got to like it! I am quite sure that this is not the last one.
The build details are here on iModeler:

Accessories used in the build:
Flaps (Eduard)
Brassin cockpit (Eduard) - however, the one in the kit is enough detailed, so this is not so worth to buy it
Brassin engine (Eduard)
Brassin gun bays (Eduard)
Stencils (Eduard) - I had to buy them as I built from overtrees kit
AML masks

The scale is 1:48.
For those who want to see it "live", it will attend the exhibition in Telford this year.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses

  1. Superb, Martin: a clinical job that is a TRUE miniature.

  2. Beautiful build! Spectacular job.

  3. A real masterpiece! Excellent detail, weathering, etc. Well done.

  4. Martine, máš to parádní

  5. Really nice presentation there, sir...good work.

  6. Marvelous build!, and yes, there's always room for a bit of patriotism.

  7. An amazing job there, Martin. The engine bay detail has blown me away, remarkable!

  8. Really, really well done, Martin. A sure winner.

  9. Super job Martin I will keep an eye open for this one on the competition tables!

  10. Thank you very much guys. I was looking for inspiration in other builds plus my friends helped me a lot with good advices.

  11. Martin, Excellent work !, model work is always more fun when you share tips and advice from friends. However I don't think you need too much advice on this one. This is beautiful !

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