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1/72 Armstrong-Whitworth Whitley GR.VII, RAF100 Group Build.

This is the new kit built as an ASW aircraft from 502 (Ulster) Squadron. This particular was credited with the first successful attack and sinking of a u-boat using airborne search radar. On 30 November 1941, the crew found U-206 on the surface in the Bay of Biscay and initiated a successful attack. Recent research indicates that the sub may have been actually sunk by a mine.

I built it straight from the box, only adding tape seat belts. It’s finished with Humbrol enamels and Tamiya acrylic white. Even though I prefer enamel and lacquer paints, I used the Tamiya white because it won’t yellow like an oil based white. This was my second Airfix Whitley and was a an enjoyable build. Finally, thanks to Paul Barber for managing this group build.

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  1. Smart build John - looks good in the coastal command scheme

  2. fine work john

  3. Great looking Whitley. The underside looks very nicely weathered.

  4. Great build of a worthy and under represented subject. Terrific modeling, John.


  5. A fair-sized model even in 1/72. Nice build!

  6. Good looking Whitley, and echoing David words, a very unfairly, and too often, absent from the highlights model

  7. outstanding work John!

  8. Excellent work, John.

    I hate to say it, but this aircraft must be one of the homeliest ever made!

    But it worked. 'Nuff said.

  9. Looks great, especially in the ASW scheme!

  10. Well done John, she looks good in that ASW scheme, helps to counter the down right ugliness of this aircraft. I like it.

  11. John this one really looks great wearing that ASW scheme. Coastal Command planes really don't get modeled that often, which is a shame. Yours looks fantastic my friend. That super bright white really pops !
    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  12. Lovely model John, looks good in that scheme, well done.

  13. Wow ! (yep that covers it) - Can't add to what the rest of the guys have said, John. Simply superb.


  14. John, thank you for everything during the RAF100 GB, and especially this beauty. It was my hope at the start that we would see some of the less often built RAF aircraft and this is a fantastic piece of work. The detection equipment makes it pretty unique. An important bit of history too. Well done on this outstanding contribution and thanks again!

  15. Great build - love the coastal command scheme. Nice work!

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