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On This Day…December 30th

December 30, 2018 · in News · · 7 · 1.9K

A view of USS New Jersey (the US Navy’s most decorated battleship with 19 Battle Stars) firing all nine 16-inch guns simultaneously on either side simultaneously, 30 December, 1986.

December 30th (1947) saw the first flight of the iconic MiG -15, a wonderful piece of aviation design that prompted the British Chief of Air Staff to say, “Not only is it faster than anything we are building today, but it is already being produced in very large numbers...the Russians, therefore, have achieved a four year lead over British development in respect of the vitally important interceptor fighter”.

HMS Indefatigable, the UK’s newest aircraft carrier, in Greenock, Scotland, 30th December, 1943.

This is an interesting photo. I found it with the caption, “Pilot With A Piglet As A Mascot In Germany On December 30th 1940” - the aircraft is clearly a Ju88, but try as I might, I can’t verify the pilot or date. Any help out there with identifying the shot would be great.

Source: Flight December 30th 1943

‘Gooney Bird’ Waco Glider at Bastogne, December 30th, ‘44.

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  1. Awesome firepower, nine 16" rifles, I don't think that there was any 'anti' weapon to stop the shell.

  2. It’s a great image of power, the shock waves in the water tell their own story.

  3. I had read somewhere that when this class of Battleship fired all of its weapons a single time, the ammunition expended would fill a rail car. It was also told that if the main batteries were all pointed to full "Port" (or Starboard) and fired at once, the recoil would push the ship sideways a few feet ! That is some serious firepower, and I would not want to be on the receiving end.

    Another excellent posting David.

    Happy New Year !

  4. Excellent "last post" of the year David, Happy New Year!

  5. Muy bien David ! Feliz año

  6. Yo disfruto todos sus comentarios y aprecio todo su apoyo. ¡Prospero año, Julio!

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