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Monogram's 1/24 scale "Snap Together" Chevrolet Police Cruiser

January 24, 2019 · in Automotive · · 7 ≡

Just before I retired from NYPD in 1995 I built this NYPD "Bubble" RMP (Radio Mobile Patrol) kit. I custom mixed the blue department colors using Testor's small bottle enamel paints. I airbrushed the colors and used Testor's enamel clear coat and set aside to dry for about a month. I also custom mixed the departments interior color (dark blue gray hue) and airbrushed. The Department decals and resin and vacuum molded turret light bar was purchased from Chimneyville Decals. Was a fun project to build. This was the last cruiser I was assigned to just before I retired. Sorry bout the quality of the picture!

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  1. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very nice BUBBLE TOP patrol car Thomas. this model has a very clean and shiny look to it, it looks like a tribute model ... well done.

  2. Great looking 'Cruiser! Your autos are excellent and very interesting. I have't done an auto model since 1967 or so ... seeing yours has awakened a long dormant interest in building something that only flies while touching the road !

  3. Great!
    For me, modelling makes (even) more sense when we know the story behind the subject.

  4. nicely done and thank you for your service

  5. Nice! They lost something when the NYPD went to the white paint.

  6. This one also brings back some memories... it really looks the part. We had a few of these and some Crown Vics in our EVOC driving course. I remember the skid pad... had a blast driving these. My last "cruiser" was a Jeep Cherokee... we patrolled the beach too and had 4 wheel drive so that we could operate in the soft sand if needed.

    Now they use Ford Expeditions and Dodge Durango's.

    You really build some nice cars... Thanks for sharing them with us.

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