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1/35 Chieftain Mk 10 Converted From Tamiya

February 10, 2019 · in Armor · · 2 · 2.7K

This was a trial run at making a "Stillbrew" . I started on this before Takom's great series was announced. I used a set of old plans that had been published in MAFVA (Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicles Association) back in 1981(!) They were in 1/35th scale originally, which was a great help. Getting all those shapes and the subtlety of the Stillbrew was difficult, but not impossible! More importantly, it was great fun. Although described on the box as a Mk5, it is in fact a Mk3, with Mk5 features. The most notable alteration required is to alter the rear engine deck panel. The Mk5 has two central panels, not one as per the kit. I was lucky in that Castoff resin had a set with the correct engine panel and the large NBC pack for the rear of the turret. Sadly, I don't think Castoff Resin are still in business, a great shame indeed.

I had started work on a master for a resin front turret to convert the Chieftain, when out comes Takom's range! True to form, like the proverbial bus, three (+ another two!) come along at once. I might revive doing the turret front though, because a few details have been missed by Takom on the turret panels, specifically casting numbers and bolt on points (see images)

Comment on images. The images of the actual chieftains were taken, of 00EB65 at Bovington, BATUS Chieftain Mk12 (again at Bovington) and of Chieftain Mk11 00EB59 "Antrim" that had just been restored in Aldershot. I hope that you can see the cast numbers, the unfilled bolt attachment points, as well as the rough texture of the panels. They are my own copyright. If I can be of any help to any other modeller, please contact me...

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  1. Great photos and an interesting model, Ian. I have really liked the Chieftain tank since I got my first model, one of the really "great-considering-their-size" ROCO miniatures in HO (1/87th) scale. However, I am not familiar with the "Stillbrew" edition. Was it an early prototype? Your photos do a great job highlighting the rough-cast texture of the turret. As a crewman, that would give good footing in the rain, since many metal behemoths tend to get slippery when wet!

    Is Barbie an authorised crew-person at Bovington? LoL! She sure has a great seat!

    • Thank you very much. As far as I am aware, all three were standard Stillbrews. I'm not sure of the exact marks - your best "go to" reference is "Chieftain" by Simon Dunstan, it gives you the registration and Mk of every Chieftain made. This follows through with each upgrade of the particular Chieftain and it's end disposal. Two other good references are the Haynes Manual and the New Vanguard No 80, also by Simon Dunstan. As for Barbie, I think she was doing things in the drivers compartment with Ken!

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