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The 1/32 Zoukei-Mura Do-335 Pfeil is finally finished!

March 21, 2019 · in Aviation · · 16 ≡
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Man, this beast took over four moths to build. I worked on it at least 3 hours a night missing only about a week's time. It required a considerable amount of effort with lots of parts and an over-abundance of detail- much of it lost when I decided to close a few panels up. I didn't like the frosted clear plastic at all, and other than building another Horten, I would never ever build another kit like that again. I must say that I enjoyed using Paints, and my only complaint with them would be that I generally find acrylics more difficult to clean up after than lacquers, but that's just me. The model is resting on a temporary metal plate. There are magnets in the front wheel that hold the model down since it tail-sits.

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  1. Spectacular outstanding piece of modeling, George.

  2. George, It does look great, and should with all the work you put into it. I look forward to seeing it in person. Thanks for sharing your build updates throughout this project, it was fun and interesting. Well done !

  3. It is a truly amazing build! Thank you for sharing the whole build log, it was a very interesting read.

  4. Great job, looks good.

  5. It’s a shame most of the splendid work you made on the interior parts is not that visible, still the outside airframe is second to none when it comes to accuracy and realism. Super work here George, I’d say you got more than you hoped for in terms of work, but then again these tend to be the most rewarding experiences in the bench right? 😉

  6. Four months of top notch, George. Really, very nice.

  7. Splendid work there George. Really like it.

  8. Astonishing build, finish and pictures. I like your series and summarize, too.

  9. Wonderful work George!

  10. Thanks, everybody. I'm glad you like it and glad that you enjoyed the posts leading up to this. It definitely tried my patience that's for sure, but it was worth it. I'm entering it next month, along with my Corsair to the IPMS show in Seattle so wish me luck.

  11. Gorgeous - enjoyed following the build!

  12. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Very nice modeling George. The weathering is well done and fitting, not overdone. One thing that really caught my eye , is how well the tires look … nice job in all.

  13. Thanks again, gentlement.

  14. Stunning, George - a beast of plane and every panel and part totally believable - really beautiful work!

  15. Truly excellent result, fantastic work!

  16. It takes me four months to build most of mine!
    That’s an awesome model mate. The hard work paid off in the end!

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