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Hasegawa Fw 190 A-5: giving a long time shelf queen new robes

April 16, 2019 · in Aviation · · 21 · 2.7K

Few months ago I purchased a decal sheet from a new company named , simply because it had a trio of nice, never before presented in decal form (as far as I know) FW.190s. One of them, Yellow 5, was a one of a kind eastern front war machine. Why? For 2 reasons: reading the instructions tells us that this was probably the only 190 with victory bars displayed. The other, not stated in the instruction booklet, is that it is one of the few Channel based JG.26, rotated to Russia. This might explain why the victory bars are visible and sure explains the “flag combat tour” below the cockpit (Holland, Belgium, France, UK and one unknown to me. All this proofs that the plane belonged to a seasoned, experienced pilot (Fw. Karl “Charley” Willius). Sometime during the transfer flight route, the plane was repainted in a fairly typical summer dressing for east front fighters, the 2 tone greens over standard blue 76. Now If you look at the insides of the upper wing crosses, the original 74/75 western front Day freighter scheme is still visible.

This is the early 2000 kit box for the A-5 version, and I begin building a few years ago, poised to build the famous Herman Graff Red Tulip. However the build stalled, the mojo died, and there it stood, in the shelf until early this year when the decal sheet was in my mail box. You can see some photos of the plane before I decided to strip all the paint and decals to begin building it as Yellow 5 here :

The decals performed very well with no bad reaction to Micro Sol. Painted in a 70/62 over 76, free hand, with Gunze and Real colours. The kit itself, though not as detailed as the new Eduard 190, builds easily and as the correct forms in my opinion. For a 20 year mould, it still holds as a beautiful model. This was a fun project with a few learning points, and that is what satisfies any modeler, right? Thanks for watching!

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  1. Beautiful work, Pedro...very nice job !

  2. Lovely butcher bird that only gets better the more you look at her. There is a lot of really subtle touches of artistry here, Pedro. Especially like the nicest underside weathering I’ve seen in a long time and a great Matt sheen finish - not at all easy to achieve. She looks like the 1/32 version, which is a complement in itself.

    ‘Liked’ - even though (obviously) the Dora is a far prettier machine...

    • Thanks David, I’m flattered about the 1/32 compliment. Wonder just how much more details could I add in a larger size model? Too bad I don’t have the space to store for such scale. Wonder If you noticed that the flag banner is not decal applied over the paint;)

  3. Love it. I need to take a look at those decals

    • Thanks George. This new decal brand is quite good, and not over priced in my opinion. Just sa that the are about to release a Spitfire sheet...lots of artwork there also

  4. Very sharp 190 Pedro!

  5. Nicely done Pedro, I like it.

  6. Really nice. I love the paint work and the weathering.

    The Hasegawa 190s are "cleaned up" Dragon, with the ailerons separated and correct seats and wheels for the early Fw-190As. They don't have the surface detail the new Eduard does, but as you have so clearly demonstrated, they make up into a DFM (d a m n fine model).

    • Thanks TC! As you know I am a big fan of Eduards new line of Wurgers (am currently half way with another right now). However many of us here probably have an Hasegawa on their stashes, no reason not to build them indeed. There is however a big difference between the plastic I find inside the box of the A-4 “winter camouflage” 190 ( the one with the all white Trautloft machine) and their A-5s. That earlier version is much more crude, and if I remember Dragons kit by comparison this one, its far worst in my opinion. Au contraire the A-5s are much more refined. All I felt needed are a new set of wheels ( Think the ones used in this model came from North Star) and the the mandatory seatbelts

  7. again...wonderful paint job

  8. Thanks Bob, glad you like it!

  9. Beautifully done - love the nice weathering, and the scheme is a nice change.

    • Thank you Greg! Compared to my previous 190 build, one from Eduard that also sports an unusual Russian front camouflage, albeit with 3 colours, I took some extra time with the weathering on this one and think it paid off. Glad you like it

  10. So close to the template, nice! I like esp. the aging and dirt, also the exact work. Great work.

  11. Great build Señor Pedro

    If the machine came from West (JG 26) and if the victory bars were original to that machine - would they so neatly paint around them or leave part of the rudder's original camp showing around them too?
    Do you have photos depicting this machine on hand?

  12. Hello Milos, thanks for the compliments. I couldn’t find any photo of this machine online or in my library, though I believe there is one in the decal sheet. I will send you a private message when I get home and look it up. Your question is a very good one, and if serves me good, that photo shows the kill marks exactly like the manufacturer advises, so they must have been repainted over the new green scheme.

    By the way, I’m Portuguese so it’s senhor 😉 not the Spanish form, but please just call me Pedro. Thanks!

  13. Oh! Me desculpe!
    I should have paid attention to the surname 🙂
    Thanks for the explanation. Yellow 5 is really cool looking machine. I would for sure love to build it some time soon.

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