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On This Day…April 26th.

26th April 1944, American Thunderbolt dive bombers, some carrying 500 lb bombs take off from an airfield in England.


Coastal Command Mosquitos pictured landing at their base in Scotland after a raid on Nazi shipping in the Norwegian fjords. April 26th, 1944.


The Deck Officer gives an SNJ-3C Texan the all-go to launch from the training aircraft carrier USS Wolverine on Lake Michigan, United States, 26 Apr 1943.


Close-up of the flame projector/thrower of a Churchill ‘Crocodile’ tank during trials at Eastwell Park, Ashford, Kent, England, United Kingdom, 26 Apr 1944.


USS Franklin (CV-13) approaching New York City, United States, 26 Apr 1945. Note the damage on her flight deck as described in a recent ‘OTD…’ when she was hit by Kamikaze attackers.


British Army convoy of Canadian Chevy CMP 3-ton trucks crossing a temporary bridge in Burma on their way to Rangoon (now Yangon), On 26th April, 1945.


April 26th, 1942 saw the first flight of the North American XB-28 ‘Dragon’

Originally based on the existing B-25 design, the XB-28 went through many design changes and ultimately became a new aircraft, although remaining very similar to that of the Martin B-26 Marauder (which it was supposed to replace).

The XB-28 used the Pratt and Whitney R-2800, so was more powerful than the B-25. It was also faster, had a better ceiling range, and had a ton more reach. By all accounts, the XB-28 could have been one of the great aircraft. However, by the time the design was completed, other aircraft, such as Martin’s B-26, were already in place and taking care of business.

Only two XB-28 prototypes were ever built with one lost in a crash over the Pacific Ocean during testing in 1943. Ultimately, the project was canned and a potential classic was lost to history.


Allison engined North American XP-51J – Mustang (44-76027), 26th of April 1945.


The Wehrmacht’s last stand. A Tiger Elefant abandoned on April 26th at the Battle of Bautzen, Germany’s last success in the dying throes of the European war.


7 responses to On This Day…April 26th.

  1. Outstanding post, David. That opening shot of the Thunderbolts…wow. I don’t know why but I love that color scheme on olive drab with the white cowlings and stripes.

  2. Great to hear from you, David. Thanks for checking in – I really am pleased to ‘see’ you.

  3. Great “Day” recap, mi amigo David.


  4. De nada, Jeffe.

  5. that’s quite of a demure bridge in burma/ gets the job done though/ talk about do what you’ve got to do with what you’ve got to do it with…never heard of the lightweight p-51j project…have now…thank you

  6. Great work as usual, David. Thanks!

    Bob – the XP-51F and XP-51J led directly to the P-51H.

    • thank you Tom…when i asked yeager about the showdown between the bearcat and the p-51 he said bearcat…as i sat down he said but the p-51 H, as if that was a different ballgame…and i always wondered about Jefferey Ethell…about 1988 he did a slide lecture at a model show…i read his book and loved his part in the POF warbird series especially the P-40, p-38 i think b-25…RIP good guy and great aircraft lost

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