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“Shoes”, Unknown beach in Croatia, 1996

April 28, 2019 · in Diorama · · 10 · 2.1K

Now this one is a bit different.
I saw a "Car with nice chick" scene at a show recently. In 1/24 scale there are very nice pin-up models available. Sitting with a with interior and a on my mind i decided to create a variant of this.
T-34-85s were used in the Balkan wars and I thought this was a good enough background to place a piece on a Croatian beach.
Behold my "Tank wreck and chick" scene! I spent a lot of time detailing the blown up interior and needed to make sure my viewers didn´t miss it. This is why the lady have dropped her shoe….

Build was straightforward. T-34 was built but many parts were replaced with metal and plasticard to detail a blown up tank. I painted and weathered the interior before wrapping the entire tank with thin plastic film. Then follow Das Pronto air drying clay into which i sculpted traces of water flowing around the tank. On top of this I applied Ammo of Migs "Beach Sand" Acrylic paste to get proper structure. Water is created using the same technique as for my other dioramas on iModeler. I e plasticard surface and polycarbonate plastic sides.


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10 responses

  1. Your'e right...that IS a "bit different" - I like it, though.

  2. Nice job , looks great! I wonder if she ever gets her shoe back.

  3. Very nicely done, Jonas. I like a little imagination and this certainly ticks that box.


  4. Excellent looking rusty hulk.

  5. Excellent idea and presentation... but change the name because it is almost impossible to find sandy beach in Croatia... 😀 (only on couple of islands).

  6. Like! 😉 Did she got her shoe back?

  7. Ahhhaaa! My Swedish friend, Jonas. Nice seeing this diorama Jonas.

  8. GREAT looking diorama, Jonas! This is a lovely change of pace.

    Who WOULDN'T like a blown-up tank with a pretty girl sitting on it?!

  9. Very nice! Lots of creativity and skill involved here.

  10. Thanks for all your nice comments!

    For the record:

    1. It is typical of me to spend 40+ hours building something but only spend 2 min on research of Croatian beaches…… Mental note for next build. 🙂
    2. She did get her shoe back.


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