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Mirage F1 AZ 1/32 Scale, Scratch Build. Part 6

August 5, 2019 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2K

Time for some more progress pictures on the F1,

The first nose section of the fuselage I molded, and did all the interior work on had to be scrapped, yip, I managed to get the shape wrong, and when I started to test fit I could see that the fuselage was rounded and not flat on the sides as it is supposed to be, not easy to pick up at first, but you would have seen it immediately on the finished model. Staying in the wine capital of South Africa, namely Cape Town, I decided to down tools and started to sample some of the fine produce from the area. The next day, armed with a hangover and much enthusiasm, I modified the molds and vac formed a new nose section, witch looked much better, I then had to re build an instrument panel, side walls and bulk head for the ejection seat as well as detail the nose wheel well.
The next step was to vac form the nose cone, and the laser designator, as well as the retractable refueling prob housing in the nose cone. A ton of work, but I think its going to look a lot better when mounted on the rest of the fuselage.

As you will see on the last picture, I have cut out openings for the air breaks, my intention is to make them functional, so that you can display the model with the air brakes open or closed.

I hope you all enjoy my work so far, its been quite a challenge.



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  1. Nice! looks good, keep it coming 🙂

  2. Dude - you are just insane! But don't stop! Looking great...

  3. Marc, I wish I had one TENTH of your talent! Outstanding work, Sir!

  4. Liking your work? I simply love it! Great job on this one Marc, glad the Wine brought more good inspiration 😀

  5. Superb seat detail.

  6. Another amazing Marc Barris Production.

  7. “Quite a challenge”. Marc, I think you and I use different dictionaries, insofar as a challenge for me is gluing two pieces of plastic together without etching my thumbprints on said plastic in Tamiya Super Thin cement.

    Thanks for sharing. Even if it adds a new disorder to the the modeling lexicon; ‘Barris Dissonance Disorder’ - feeling at the same moment equally demoralised and inspired.


  8. Marc - I'm with David on this. It's just as well your patience is matched by a depth of knowledge and oodles of skill. Looking good! Paul.

  9. After seeing what you've done in the past, I can't wait to the end result on this one.

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