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A-7E Corsair II, Trumpeter 1:32

As many successful constructions, also Corsair is real beauty beast – robust, durable, reliable, serving in many countries can deliver deadly ordnance to whatever target.
Its upperwing allowing to carry large variety of bombs, rockets, electronic equipment or serve as fuel tanker, and also shark tail, big mouth of engine intake makes Corsair recognizable in every position among all aircrafts.

There is no special story about this build, it was nice, it was fun, although some parts are not perfect and manual really sucks, I felt happy finishing it.
I have not used almost any 3rd party products, I only replaced the seat with Quickboost resin and added “Remove Before Flight” stripes.
I also replaced my old Mr. Color US Navy with MRP ready-to-airbrush and I was nicely surprised and excited with the result.

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9 responses to A-7E Corsair II, Trumpeter 1:32

  1. Pretty impressive Corsair, genuinely speaking your built oozes quality. Iā€™m a big fan of MRP paints, they spray like a charm.

  2. Very nice Martin. I like the A-7 and you did a fine job representing it here. Congrats.

  3. I always liked the A-7, and your model really does it justice. The finish looks great, and not over-weathered either.

  4. Very nice and clean job. I like it

  5. Hello Martin,
    Excellent model with a crisp finish. As mentioned, robust, very robust.
    Regards, Dirk /The Netherlands.

  6. Very nice indeed šŸ‘

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