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Another "Two - Winger.

January 14, 2020 · in Aviation · · 3 · 1.5K

This is another two-winger model I built. It's in 1/48 scale and was made by "." The box art says one name, while another name is listed on one of the parts. Let's call it both names.
I.M.A.N AND I.M.A.M. = "INMAN RO-37," and any name is ok with me.

I'm like the kit manufacture who screwed up as I forgot to add all the rigging wire's. How dumb can you get? I use to think that I was a "Master-Modeler," but now I think I'm an "Intermediate-modeler."
You may think that I was drinking an alcoholic beverage like "beer" or smoking some grass..."No Way Jose," just a plain old mistake by this modeler.

This kit was in excellent condition with next to no flashing and the parts fit very good, so I just built it "O.O.B."

The fun part was cutting the little odd shaped pieces of my blue painter's tape that I bought from a local "Walmart" store in Cortez, Colorado, where I use to live. Cortez is located in the southwest part of the state which they call the "Four-Corners." Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado meet at this point out in the middle of our great desert.

I had no instructions on how to cut each piece of tape, let alone where to put them so I just placed them close to one another then painted on my darker color. One by one I lifted off each piece of masking tape and put them on some scrap paper. I likes what I did, so it was onto finishing the model.

I had some gunsight rings in my "PE" spare box so I added one to the machine gun that was in the back seat area.

I cut around each black letter or what ever you call it in the insignia including the circles, then put them on the wings. Other decals followed and the model was clear coated with Future, including a final coat of misted on dull coat.

Photograph time was easy! All I did was clean off my work table then pin on my white paper to the front of my "stand-up wooden rack" then roll in down on the table top and tape it. The models was placed on it at different angles which gives me a variety of photos.

Enjoy! Rodney

P.S. I was looking at my other two Double-Winger" models and guess what? I used some "Ladies long black human hair" for the rigging that I have in my spare box. It looks super great on the two models.

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3 responses

  1. I havent strung the one biplane I've built. I think I'm going to try though.

  2. Intricate camo work!

  3. Hi Guys! It blew my mind when I got ready to post the photos of this model to find out that I forgot to add the guide wires or what ever you call them. I counted all the small pieces of tape that I put on the model for the "camo" but I do not find any paper-post of what the number was and I'm not going to count them again, but it was certainly fun working on this model.
    Again Thanks for your comments!

    I think I'll post a couple of photos of my two1/72 scale bi-planes that I used ladies black hair for the rigging wires...

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