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Great Wall Hobby (also referred to as GWH) model kits

1/48 RNLAF T-33A (GWH4819)

Hi all, Here’s my rendition of a T-33A of the Royal Netherlands Airforce (RNLAF). First a bit of history of the T-bird in Dutch service … The T-33s became operational as from in 1953 with RNLAF mainly for flight training. The aircraft [...]

Focke-Wulf Fw 189 A-2

Great Wall Hobby's 1/48 Fliegende Auge (Flying Eye) is a challenging build. The kit is highly detailed and appears to have accurate dimensions. Yet, instructions lack essential information and subassemblies such as, the cockpit and engines [...]

G.W.H. 1/48 F-15B "Baz" IDF

At some stage during their long service in the IDF, the F-15s showed heavy signs of weathering. I believe that now, the surviving airframes are immaculate if not almost entirely revised. GWHs 1/48 model is very good and was also revised [...]

A tale of two Tomcats

Those of you, that are following my work probably know, that F-14 is one of my favourite aircraft. Getting my hands on the GWH’s new kit a few years ago, I just had to build it, though my followers on Facebook and Instagram poll chose [...]

TBD-1 Devastator and the Year Ahead

I have decided to call the Great Wall TBD-1 Devastator done though there are a few little details to fix, like the PE pitot probes that decided to get eaten by the carpet monster at the last minute. Overall the kit is pretty good. Link to [...]

Review: GWH 1/48 F-14B Tomcat Review

T-33; Portuguese Air Force

In 1953, the first 15 T-33A planes arrived in Portugal, coming from the United States. They were placed at Base Aérea N° 2 (BA2), Ota, and integrated into Squadron 20 – equipped with F-84G Thunderjets – constituting the 'No [...]

GWH SU-35S Flanker E 1/48

Hello! This is my recent project, a GWH SU-35S Flanker-E, 1/48 scale. It is, undoubtedly, my most demanding and longest build since my return to the hobby. It certainly could have been a much easier and quick build, but after seeing [...]

GWH 1/48 Mig 29AS "Digital Camougflage"

After completing the build of this Mig 29AS, I put it on open display to examine for possible flaws. In no time, a giant mantis flew in and settled on the model. I promptly took a photograph and returned the insect back to the wild. I [...]

Review: 1/72 Mig-29 Fulcrum by GWH (Video preview)

1/72 GWH Mig-29 Fulcrum the late type... Excellent kit from G.W.H., detailed and accurate Fulcrum model straight from the box! Highly recommended! DISCLAIMER: I am NOT! being paid to promote this kit, paints, tools and to make this video! [...]